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Why International Students Choose to Study Master’s Degree in China

Why a Master's Degree in China has become So Popular Internationally. So you have been reading about China for the

Why a Master’s Degree in China has become So Popular Internationally.

So you have been reading about China for the past decades and how fast the Chinese economy has grown. You will quickly remember that it is by far the most populated country on the face of the earth. It has a diver citizenry, captivating culture, breathtaking scenery, 5000 years of history, and fresh opportunities for international students. It is beginning to resonate with many that China is indeed the place to study master’s degree abroad because of their resilience to learn by taking the lead, invent, and dominate.

China scholar has noticed a sharp rise in demand for Masters Degree in China as it is now one of the rising destinations for international students to study Abroad. You cannot wait to enter this beautiful country and immerse yourself in their culture. What could be the reason behind the sudden uptick? What makes a Master’s Degree in China so attractive to international students looking for quality Education Abroad?

Chinese Universities are rising very fast in the Global Ranking List.

Chinese Universities have become a force to reckon with when it comes to growth in the higher education market. They have defied all odds to appear in the top elite global University list. The current university ranking list is reflecting the realities at a fast pace. The recent QS World University Rankings Asia 2020, it’s now apparent that Chinese Universities have attained the internationalization phase and are becoming players in the higher education industry.

The sub ranking that focuses on Asia indicates that that six new institutions from mainland China made it to the top 500 Universities and four others made the top ten. Chinese Universities have excelled in academic standing, best working environment, faculty to student ratio, publications, and citations per paper, research capacity, international staff, and many more.

The top Chinese Universities are Tsinghua University, followed by Peking University, Zhejiang University, and Fudan University. These reliable indicators explain why China has become a popular study destination.

Why is Master’s Degree in China so Popular among International Students

1. Educational Innovation

There is massive innovation going on in China, and the educational sector is not left behind. Several technical patents and technological innovations happen in China at a fast pace. Since the government of China is opened to adopting technology as a strategy to lead that world, Educational institutions are encouraged to apply technology to learning. This led to increased efficiency in teaching and learning that supported research and development. Several of the technological breakthroughs include Pharmaceutical progress, manufacturing capability, and Artificial intelligence. Chinese Universities have become the launch pads for these researches and startups

This has fueled innovative and learning environment that every young person envies to nurture their skill sets.

2. Massive Government investment

It all started with Project 211, Chinese Scholarship Program, belt, and Road Education Policy. We have witnessed substantial investment by the Chinese government to revamp higher education institutions. Funds were used to expand the projects, research capacity, employ qualified professors, and revamp their curriculum as well as create healthy partnerships at the international stage. The C9 League was established to mimic the Ivy League system. The C9 project is made of top 9 Chinese Universities prepared and transformed to lead the education sector. As a result, all of these Universities have defied all odds to become great universities with high global rankings.

This explains why the Chinese universities are raking very well at the international stage to become a significant force

3. Several Chinese Universities Rank well on Global Stage

International students deciding to study Master’s Degree abroad will only consider top universities in countries that offer real opportunities for personal growth. Over 100 Chinese Universities rank globally and are exposed to several international students. To keep Chinese universities ranks rising globally, the Chinese Educational Authorities established their ranking system. The Shanghai Ranking systems help keep track of how these Chinese Universities are expanding.

These are the top-ranked Chinese Universities on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

  • Tsinghua University in Beijing ranked at 23rd
  • Peking University in Beijing ranked at 24th
  • University of Science and Technology of China ranked at 80th
  • Zhejiang University in Hangzhou ranked at 107th
  • Fudan University in Shanghai ranked at 109th
  • Nanjing University in Nanjing ranked at144th
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University, ranked 157th

These universities do not only rank for the right reasons but also have one of the best teaching and learning environment, excellent professors, advanced curriculum, and partner corporations to deliver cutting edge talents. Some of these universities assist you in securing jobs in China after graduation.

4. Affordability, Scholarships and Real Student Life

The tuition of China Master Degree Programs is not as high compared with their international counterparts in the USA, Canada, and the UK. No matter your budget, studying abroad, China seems ideal for international students due to the low tuition and living costs, simplified University Admission process, and availability of Scholarships. Some International students could even study for free in China.

When it comes to student life, there is so much to experience. There are several opportunities to network with industry to keep your social capital high. Entertainment and social activities are everywhere, with a vibrant international student community.

China Scholar assists its clients in applying for Chinese scholarships.

5. Becoming an international education hub

The ministry of education launched a project to attract over 500,000 students to study in China by the year 2020, but this target was achieved in 2019 a year ahead of time – it was a huge success. Several Scholarship programs, international collaborations, and strategies were put in place to make China an attractive destination to all. We have also noticed an enormous interest from international students to study a Master’s Degree in China over the past five years, and the number keeps increasing year after year.

The exciting part I that you will notice other international universities opening campuses in China. So you can enroll in your favorite international university but in China:

  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Leicester
  • University of Lancaster
  • New York University

These are the most popular Master’s degrees among international students in China:


6. China is an excellent country with Career Opportunities for students

With the massive economic growth that China has experienced, there is nothing short of plenty of job opportunities for international students who completed their master’s degree in China. I have mentioned above that Chinese universities are well integrated into the talent pipelines of global corporations in China.  It makes it easier for international students to find a job after graduation. Top organizations, as listed below, accept thousands of international students every year.

  • IBM
  • Intel
  • Wallmart
  • Benz
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • Huawei

Ranking of highest-scoring subjects of universities for your Master’s Degree in China:

705 universities in China are listed in 38 different university rankings (per institution) as well as five different subject-specific classifications. 565 of these universities are included in at least one institution or subject-specific ranking.

  • 1. Engineering #1 Worldwide #1 in China, Tsinghua University — Civil engineering
  • 2. Natural Sciences #2 Worldwide #1 in China, Tsinghua University — Chemistry
  • 3. Agriculture #2 Worldwide #1 in China China, Agricultural University — Agriculture (general)
  • 4. Organization #8 Worldwide #1 in China, Sun Yat-Sen University — Tourism Management
  • 5. Languages and literature #10 Worldwide #1 in China, Beijing University — Language Science
  • 6. Medicine & Health #15 Worldwide #1 in China, Beijing University — Dentistry
  • 7. Social Studies & Humanities #20 Worldwide #1 in China, Beijing University — Geography
  • 8. Journalism and media studies #51 Worldwide #2 in China, Beijing University — Media Studies

China University Ranking (top 15)


Ranking China Ranking University
23 1 Tsinghua University
24 2 Peking University
=80 3 University of Science and Technology of China
=107 4 Zhejiang University
109 5 Fudan University
=144 6 Nanjing University
=157 7 Shanghai Jiao Tong University
251–300 8 Sun Yat-sen University
301–350 9 Beijing Normal University
301–350 10 Huazhong University of Science and Technology
301–350 11 Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)
351–400 12 Nankai University
351–400 13 Wuhan University
401–500 14 Central South University
401–500 15 Harbin Institute of Technology

Conclusion on studying a Master’s degree in China

So you see why most international students prefer to enroll for their master’s Degree in China? if you are looking to explore admission into Chinese Universities, feel free to explore our admission portal for full support. We have a decade of experience planning career and admission programs in China. Click here to inquire and know more about our programs

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