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Student Housing Options

Students considering to study in China have several options for accommodation and boarding. There is a wide variety of rooms provided by our partner universities from Halls or residence to alternatives to suit every International student’s needs, expectations and allocated budget. From self-catered rooms with a shared bathroom to en suite rooms and studio flats, there’s something for everyone.
We provide campus Tour programs to help applicants visit university campuses to review their facilities etc. The China Scholar hub provides access to virtual tours and applicants can review 360 Degree.

China Scholar provides assistance to all our applicants in selecting the right accommodation. All you need is to create an account and connect with our program providers for a comprehensive support

Types of Accommodation

We have a number of accommodation options in convenient locations offering comfortable rooms and high-quality facilities.  These include but are not limited to: the facilities within the room & the site, the location of the room as well as how recently the room has been built or refurbished.

Select an option below to find out more about each room type, which halls of residence they are available in and what is included.

More on Accommodation Options

Choosing Halls / Accommodation

So you ae considering selecting the right hall to reside in ou university. When it comes to making decisions concerning your university hall of residence, you will need to consider some critical factors. Would you like room service or not? food or self-catering? Shared bedroom or single room? shared bath or full en suite? Want to stay on campus or off campus? Many international students lack the ability to make these decisions and we have set some checklists to guide ou through the process.

Selecting Accommodation

How to Apply for Halls

University Accommodation options are opened to international students soon as admission results are conclusive. Most Universities automatically allocate rooms to applicants on Chinese Scholarship but fee-paying students need to decide on options to apply. Dormitory and hall Applications remain open for a short period of time and some universities space is limited so we encourage applicants to remain responsive to their admission officers. If you are applying in groups or with friends, you can select to live together and share facilities.

Applying For Accommodation in China

Renting Private Apartments

Some international students will decide to rent apartment private apartments rather than stay on campus. Renting private accommodation while studying in China, you will need to understand the basics of renting and dealing with registering your residence. We’re here to support you when the time comes to find a property to rent privately. The China scholar admission team will support you with information on renting prices, facilities, budgeting, information on the best parts of the city to rent, and assistance on dealing with agents and understanding contracts

Renting a Private Accommodation

Accommodation Rents and Fees

Your Accommodation and rental charges vary from one university to another, as well as facilities and type. Scholarship beneficiaries whose financial support covers rent will be automatically allocated rooms and do not need to extra fees. There are payment plans, price range and also package content

Accommodation Fees and Rent

Accommodation Facilities

Chinese Universities provide all needed facilities to aid learning and provide congenial environment for international students in China to learn. From Room service and televisions, wifi, kitchen, frigdes etc. Private apartments do have more facilities. Get the list here

Accommodation Facilities

Support From Our Team

We have properly laid services to support international students find accommodation for their study in China. There is a comprehensive Support available all day for all of our students who need ou assistance, whether you are living in halls or in private accommodation. Settlement packages, and cultural assimilation services

Support from our Team


Booking Requirement

To book accommodation for your study in China, there are few issues applicants should take notice of. All international students are required by law to register with the Public Safety bureau 48 hours after arriving in China. There are other requirements below

  • Part of our accommodation services cover settlement assistance- We pick applicants from airport and settle them
  • Applicants with full scholarship should always liaise with their universities for support on allocate dorms .
  • Partial Scholarships and Fee paing students are supposed to book accommodation
  • Applicants should have at least an admission notice before aranging accommodation to avoid refund loses.
  • Dont pay rental deposits before securing visa if you opt for private accommodation.
  • 18 years an above is a requirement for booking an appointment.


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