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Complete Program Package combining Education and Career

We are in an interesting new era of education, where young people need to understand the dynamics of global development in order to deliver value to the corporations they need. The limitations of being restricted to physical boundaries are no more and so there is no excuse. As China becomes a global juggernaut, it becomes an enviable destination for thousands of young people. But it’s not a guaranteed offer that students who take their education in China are prepared for the job market. Selecting China as a destination requires a solid strategy and a robust career development path

Amid the demand for quality, China Scholar exists. We provide a robust and unique proposition to our clients. Our strategy combines admission with Career plans as both are inseparable. We help our clients enroll in top Chinese Universities, making prudent funding decisions through scholarships. You also get the needed guidance, coaching to secure internships with top international organizations while getting prepared for the corporate world. It’s a unique proposition

How We Match you to The Right University

At China Scholar, we help you identify your strength, maximize them into a profile that gets you admission into the top universities in China. We achieve this through making available experienced and professional admission officers who guide you through the entire process from the word go!
We have invested into the technologies, systems, and processes that bring educators, universities, and students together to achieve our core corporate objectives.
We have in place User Management systems that allow applicants to create their profiles and manage the entire admission process from the central location. Chat with universities, our staff, monitor admission process an upload applications.
With the above provisions in place, we help applicants identify a pool of universities and courses that fit their career goals and profile. Our technology populates profiles with the best matches. Our advisors then guide applicants through to selection while the students own the process.

The role of our senior admission staff

  • Help Applicants create copelling profiles .
  • They are admission coaches and professional opinions.
  • Assist our clients develop a clear career pathway.
  • The prepare applicants for the China experience with predeparture avise.
  • Internship Support and assistance.
  • Providing a stack of content and educate applicants on the best practices.

The China Experts with Decades of Experience

Over a decade of providing early-career services and cultural immersion in China, China Scholar brings onboard experiences that goes to the core of arranging a proper study abroad program. We have worked with over ten thousand students over the recent past
We are deep into Education and Early Career. Working with all stakeholders and leverage the power of research to keep delivering the best services to our clients.
We are the largest education provider in China reaching deeper and hosting all services on a single platform. From University Admissions to Internships, Gap Year, Cultural Immersion and Jobs, there is none other. We pride our deliverables on the values and satisfaction of impacting the future of our clients
From Education to Employment, we are always the go-to platform

Settlement Packages from start till finish

Studying in China is a bold decision and we make it stress-free. As you get ready to embark on a journey to China, China Scholar Staff prepares you for cultural differences and explains what to expect and how that impacts your initial experience. Arriving and not know what to could and where to go could be exasperating for first-time visitors. We therefore

We Provide airport pickup services to transfer you from the airport to your campus or designated apartment. Aside from admission, we also help applicants secure the right accommodation. You get the settlement package needed to instantly get you connected. SIM Cards and Transport Cards and opening of Bank accounts
When it comes to Orientation, We help you with the registration process and understanding how to navigate the campus and also the city
You will not be alone, we introduce you to communities – Your Experience in China is enhanced with access to the right groups and gatherings.
We provide all the needed support you will need while you are in China. You have the continuing support of our community and we remain in Contact

Proper integration programs

Studying abroad requires a more deliberate effort to integrate into the culture, community and the new environment you study. As an international student without prior exposure to China, we facilitate this process of cultural immersion. We deem this service a vital portion of our support and value delivery. We take it seriously and we arrange orientations to start with.
Participants also get the chance to attend cultural immersion events with other foreign students in China. Some of the activities include Kung fu Classes, calligraphy lessons, cooking classes, movies, etc
We also have social trips to great touristic sites that will get you sorted for feeling great at home. We are also able to match participants to Chinese families for visits and immersion.

24/7 support

We provide unflinching support from the day you visit our website till you complete your study in China. Applicants are allocated to personal program advisors and career consultants as well as our staff who are always available to answer questions
Applicants are able to create an account that gives them access to our 24/7 support. There is also strategy sessions that every applicant could book to have real support and can book appointment.
Applicants can also have access troves of articles and content that serve the purpose of guiding you through understanding your journey through China

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Government Back Projects

We bring together all stakeholders in the education field in China, the government and other policymakers are no exception. We partner with Municipal and state Chinese government projects for student mobility and cultural immersion projects. Our strong reputation puts us in a better position and earned us the opportunity to work on several projects involving destination promotion, institutional branding, etc
We work with municipal governments and universities to administer scholarships and promote state-sponsored programs. You are sure to count on our reputation when it comes to delivering a solid study abroad solution.

The Right Staff

The roles of our professional staff advisors are to guide you through the process from application, answering your questions to profile creation, university selection and many more.
All our staff goes through 6-month intensive training irrespective of their background before enlisted on our CS-Hub to provide advisory services. We train based on NAFSA Course contents and standards
Our Staff is carefully selected with the right experience and we all have studied abroad and gone through the process o getting admission. This positions us to deal with all possible risk issues and real difficulties of studying abroad