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Don’t just study abroad — squeeze the best out of it. Studying in China as an international student offers a home away from home. Dozens of social clubs and organizations, plus combinations of academic resources to help students succeed in school and as alumni. From orientation to graduation, the China Scholar experience creates opportunities that last a lifetime.  Leaving home for university in China means you’ll be exploring a country you are not familiar with, making new friends and setting your own priorities. You’re going to face big changes in a small amount of time, which can be both exciting and intimidating.

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Getting Help and Support

Although being in college means that you have new independence, it doesn’t mean you’re on your own. College is full of resources – professors, tutors, counselors and advisors – and help is available, but it’s up to you to ask for it. Visit Campus Services: There Is Support When You Need It to learn more. If you find you can’t keep up with your course work or other responsibilities, it’s time to talk to someone; don’t wait until you get your midterm grades.

Managing Time

Schoolwork is a priority, but extracurricular activities, jobs and internships are important parts of your college life too.  You’ll have to make choices regularly about where to focus your energy.

Handling a Social Life

College also means a new social scene. You may be moving to a new place where you’ll know few people, if any. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and try new things. You can even reinvent yourself if you want to. In high school, there’s a clear line between school life and home life. But when you go to college and live on campus, you are constantly among friends. So it’s important to balance having fun with the other parts of your life: studying, staying healthy and even sleeping.

Dealing with Finances

Your new independence will probably include being responsible for your money and spending. You may have your own bank account and ATM card, shop for your own food, and pay your own bills. The keys to keeping your finances in order are to set a budget (and stick to it) and to keep track of how much you have in your bank account.

Events, Culture and Traditions

There are loads of opportunities to be part of campus events and also get immersed into the Chinese Culture through university sponsored activities on and off campus.

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Career and Counselling

There is readily available career coaching services from International student offices in China that positions you for a great career exposure in China.

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Social Life & Student Activities

China is one of the best destinations for international students because of the numerous opportunities for social life. You will enjoy the never ending night life.

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Chinese Cities have one of best network of transportations in the world. You will get orientation on how to travel to all parts of China and acquiring transport card

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Driving & Parking

China does recognize international driving licenses from some countries and you may get the opportunity to convert and drive. Our staff will help with information.

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Seach Courses

Search our databse of over 5000 courses and exchange programs, review their details, create a profile and bookmark them for future reference. Your personal adviser Support you.

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Search Programs

Over 1000 Universities with dozens of programs lay in our databases. Explore Bachelor, Masters, PHD Chinese Language and other programs. Log into your account and chat our staff.

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China Scholarship Info

Looking to fund your study in China? We have a database of options, grants, scholarships available to explore. We also help you get a well laid funding strategy.

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