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We represent the new face of International admissions and study abroad assistance. As times Change, professional admission service is not only delivering successful offers into universities- there is more to it! It requires providing a reliable system, and service combinations that help applicants to properly reflect on their wholistic life goals. This new standard puts them in the right position to make study decisions that are motivating and stands the test of time. Students derive commitment and own the process. This is how we achieve this new standard:_

Never again should you get a substandard service! Applying through our platform, you get access to professional advice from our experienced officers who guide you through reflecting on identifying your strengths and setting career goals. You then decide on courses and universities that provide the right environment to nurture such dreams. We then help you create a strong Application profile that sets you apart. You also get a full career and personal Development services which are unique and transformational. All these are achieved with our technology system.

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Looking to fund your study in China? We have a database of options, grants, scholarships available to explore. We also help you get a well laid funding strategy.

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China Scholar puts you through a unique student journey that positions you through a complete study abroad in China, cultural immersion and career development and support. We begin the process by assisting you understand who you are, your life goals and ultimate career aspirations. You are assigned to a personal admission advisor who helps with this process. We believe this is crucial to planning a successful study abroad for young people. After completing this critical process, we then move to the next stage to matching you to universities and selecting courses and programs. Go through the rest of the process below


University and Course Selection & Consulting

After deciding to study abroad and going through  the preliminaries of self discovery and study plan design session, you will need to decide on Courses and Universty to select. China Scholar provides a one-on-one approach and personalized consulting to help you make a solid decision. Our Admission advisers will help you maximise your potential in applying for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

After going through the life coaching segment to understand ourslelf and plan for our life, the decision to select a course and University becomes less of a difficult task. We discuss your future career aspirations, to ensure we match your academic interests with your future goals, and therefore make the right choices across all subject areas.

Our personalized one-to-one study in China support will help you succeed in your application for a lifetime exprience. Our Advisors help you to produce a compelling personal statement, and provide you with the help you to submit a successful university application, support ou assimilate into China, help you be successful on campus and also help you secure internships with career prospects

Transitioning to University in China - Assimilation

It all starts with building a winning Application to Chinese Universities – We support you with life reflection, study plans which are the foundations to planning your career – You also get comprehensive support to select Courses and Decide what University is ideal. The next step is Planning to settle properly into a new country, the university makes new friends and learns a new language and culture. To make this transition as smooth, China Scholar supports you every step of the way

We make the transitioning process smooth and simple but guaranteeing the best possible experience. We assist you select Student Accommodation that fits our current budget, Applying for Visa, booking flight tickets, Airport pickups, Orientation, Settlement package, provide you with a range of student-support tools and new skills to ensure you start your studies confident and excited about your academic journey.

Succeeding at Abroad - Study and Career

During your time at university we help you to enhance your study skills, build your confidence, and succeed in your studies. China Scholar also offer a unique university guardianship service so you and your parents can have peace of mind that there is always someone available to help with academic concerns and pastoral care.

We can provide regular one-to-one study abroad advice on current and upcoming academic challenges, and specific support at key times in the academic year.

Get Prepared for Your Career - Get a Great Job

In the new job market a more flexible, creative and skills-based career is increasingly commonplace. During your study in China, we support you with internship opportunities, career fairs, coaching for CV and Application – with the intent to support your Career Developent. Once you have finished your time at university abroad your priority is understanding and presenting your unique skills and interests and making the right initial career choices. To set you off on a rewarding and successful career path.

Our expert careers advisers can support you on this journey. We can then help you navigate the range of job search sites, internship opportunities and  graduate schemes. Or if you are looking to boost your CV and have a unique experience prior to entering full time work you could help out on a volunteering project or undertake a tailored study abroad study experience.

How the Tansformation Process Works?

You fill a single application form and is recognized by all universities and you can apply to any universities without restriction. Over 3000 students secure admissions in China through the China Scholar Platform. We have simplified the process and increased support and value delivered to applicants.

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    Register / Open a CS Hub Account

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    Select Advisor & Set Study Goals

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    Choose Program, University

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    Build a Solid Application Profile

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    Submit & Pay Application Fee

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    Get Decision & Apply Visa

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    Start your Study, Build Your Career

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Aside from providing a reliable technology and application management system that brings students, universities, service providers and other stakeholders together, China Scholar has professional admission strategists who guide applicants through the entire process. We also have 24/7 support staff who are standing by to connect with you. Contact us now with your inquiries or create an account that gives you access to our team


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Why Use our Services

Our Services deliver comprehensive combination of services that gets you ahead of your peers in life. You get comprehensive support and systems put in place to ease the stress of studying in China.

We help you clarify whats relevant in terms of personal growth. You will spend time with our team to do some personal reflectio, knowing who you are and your goals set side by side.

You get comprehensive admission service and also develop your career goals while in China. Our comprensive network of companies provides opportunities you will never find else where.