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There are several accommodation options open to international students who wish to study in China. Each has a unique value proposition and our staff helps you select the right option. Most Universities have deadlines and specific instructions the guide how rooms are apportioned to students. Some of the systems also require Chinese Language proficiency which could be frustrating to students.
Our Staff is trained to cross those hurdles on your behalf. We have streamlined booking processes and checklists to ensure student bookings are done properly. For applicants who would prefer off-campus arrangements, we have dozens of apartment providers that we partner with. So whether its campus dormitory, single/ private rooms, studio apartments, we got you covered. Once on campus, we show you to your dorm or apartment and help you get settled. New sheets? Check. Fresh towels? Check. A healthy snack? Yes, we’ve got that, too 🙂

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How We Handle Your Accommodation Bookings


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The CS-HUB (our Application and User Management system) is designed o host all our services on a single platform so its easy to monitor and alo communicate with our staff through the chat systems and also book an appointment
When it comes to peace of mind and value addition services, we got you covered. We take away the stress of figuring out where to live during your stay in China. Whether your program is a Degree (long Term) or summer and winter programs (short Term) there is a befitting place for you to stay. We want to make sure you are focused on the ultimate process of bringing out the best in you and strategizing with your personal Admission officer while our support staff deals with the necessary details.

  • Streamlined booking process

With over a decade of handling China-related programs, we have a working document made of Checklists, dates and timelines, Accommodation options that guide our team. We take clients through a session to understand what their expectations are and what makes them comfortable. Understanding these client-specific requirements, help our team match students to the right accommodation option

  • Securing Apartments

After selecting an appropriate option, we assist our clients to pay for the service and also sign contracts. We review contracts to ae sure there are no unfair clauses that may cause students to lose money. We are also able to negotiate Payment terms

  • Budgeting for Accommodation

Your budget will not necessarily limit you to getting a decent apartment is surely a factor to consider when it gets to choosing where to live. While some are more affordable, others are a little more pricey but also close to the city’s best and the views are worth paying.

  • Answering Accommodation related questions

No Question is too much we answer all till you are ready for it – don’t second guess yourself

  • Information on PSB Registration

When you arrive in China, you will need to register your residence within 48 hours. Some universities have all that done on campus but others do not have the authorization. We help with any information and assistance needed.

  • Registery of other service providers

We have a curated list of the finest apartment owners whom we can recommend for free. We review their operations and take into consideration what previous students said about their rooms before listing them on our platform.

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Accommodation For Students

We have prepared all information on the types of accommodation and how to acquire them for our study in China project. Our Clients Get confirmed accommodation

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Choosing the Right Accommodation

Check out the procedure and requirements to selecting the right accommodation on campus. Applicants going through our concierge support get help with these processes

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Applying for Accommodation

University Accommodation options are opened to international students soon as admission results are conclusive. Get more details about the process

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Renting Private Apartments

Some international students will decide to rent apartment private apartments rather than stay on campus. Get the needed help and insights into renting private apartments

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Accommodation Facilities

Chinese Universities provide all needed facilities to aid learning and provide congenial environment for international students in China to learn.

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Accommodation Rental Charges

Your Accommodation and rental charges vary from one university to another, as well as facilities and type Some types of Scholarships cover the entire rent

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China Scholar welcomes you to a new way of going about Studying in China that guarantees real results. We have designed a comprehensive user portal that brings university admission officers, our professional staff, students and Agencies on a single spine called the CS-HUB. It is a springboard the supports admissions with prompt feedback without stress. You get complete access to your university and program advisors like never before

  • Instant feedback from our staff with 24/7 admission service
  • Integrated Chat system that helps with instant communications
  • Book appointment with your supervisor without leaving the platform
  • Bookmark your favourite Courses and Programs for future use
  • Fill a single application form and upload all matrials
  • Keep track of your admissions to multiple universities without leaving the platform

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Services that set you up for success

Academic Mentoring

Get the best Support from our Academic Coaches to Excell during your study with internships and career counselling

Coaching & Mentoring

• Mentors are Senior Corporate Executives who cheer you on to success. They help with 360 Degree growth

Scholarship Services

Over US$ 32 Million in Scholarship and Grants issued to our clients. Our advisors are here help you secure one

Jobs, Internships & Career Guide

Career Accelerator program with resume and interview prep for internship in a sector of your Choice

Admission Support

Submit Applications to top Universities and Get Professional Assistance Building a compelling Profile and increase your chances

Pickup & Settlement Package

Our professional Support Staff takes care of settling you in China. We take out the stress so you relax


Search our databse of over 5000 courses and exchange programs, review their details, create a profile and bookmark them for future reference. Your personal adviser Support you..

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Over 1000 Universities with dozens of programs lay in our databases. Explore Bachelor, Masters, PHD Chinese Language and other programs. Log into your account and chat our staff.

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Looking to fund your study in China? We have a database of options, grants, scholarships available to explore. We also help you get a well laid funding strategy.

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How it works

We provide services that set you up for success combining Education Strategy to Early Career and Jobs in China. Our systems are designed to make your application to Chinese Universities easier than before topped with professional consulting services. Check our process below

  • Create an Account, complete your profile
  • Get Allocated to a personal Admission officer to get help with the process
  • Select City, University, and course, ALso complete a single admission form
  • Pay Admission fee(s) and wait for admission updates

After admission is completed, you get the opportunity to plan arrival visa etc and our staff will also guide you through the process