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We are the largest network of Education Abroad and International Career Organization in China. Our platform combines Study Abroad, Cultural Immersion, Career Guidance, Internships and jobs with other relevant student mobility services. Its a one stop shop for any international student who want just the best and nothing else!

There is so much to Studying Abroad than just selecting a good University and Courses. We have therefore transformed the entire process to take a more comprehensive outlook. Our Unique admission services pair students with Admission and Career Coaches who help every applicant reflect on their life goals through our Personality and Career tests.
Life plans are then fit into the study plans and career goals to make course selection decisions, university selection, and Internship placements during the study period in China. The end product is- students with clarity of purpose and understanding of how to achieve their life long goals. Our clients get the chance to intern with top companies in China and attend seminars, get on-demand career consulting services and also secure jobs after graduation all on the same portal


Admission Services

You get a comprehensive study abroad support designed to fit your background and future Goals .

Career Strategy

We set you off on a rewarding career path with Career Coaching, Internships and cheering you till first Job.

Professional Service

We help you design admission goals, pair you to the best admission advisors and a solid technology system .

Real University Life

You get access to china-wide international student community, immersion, Career events, job updates


Our approach to Studying Abroad has yielded much results over the recent decade and produced much desired results. With a comprehensive service support covering Study Abroad, career preparedness and cultural immersion, we hosted over 10,000 students every year in China and Many of our Alumni work in China with top organizations, some are into entrepreneurship operating in China other who returned home have compelling case studies

Our Approach Produces

  • Students who are well aware of their strength and weaknesses and are committed to being the best in whatever they do
  • Our Alumni graduate with distinctions and stand out in the job market and do not stress about what lies ahead of them
  • Our services delivers quality services to clients at affordable rates compared to other destinations for studying abroad
  • We produce leaders! Our Webinars, leadership seminars and weel contents educate and train students and prepare them for decision making, time management and essential leadership skills
  • Over 4000 annual participation and thousands of positive reviews, we are probably doing something that’s touching lives

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How we Help Students

If your goals of studying abroad has always been a dream to achieve personal transformation and be Career prepared, then China Scholar is the sure option. The decision to study overseas is surely a thrilling and Personal Growth commitments you’ll gift yourself – China Scholar is her to partner you from the get go! We provide unflinching support and you can rely on us for a successful adventure. With decades of experience working with international students and Educational institutions, we have what it takes to move you from Zero to greater start to life

The process of securing planning to study in China which includes securing admission, moving abroad, assimilating into the culture, and getting the best of your study can be overwhelming, but then looking at the advantages of expanding your understanding of global culture, learning a new language, making new friends and acquiring meaningful working skills is just what you need to position yourself for a wonderful and a promising future.

Our professional Admission officers and Coaches will give you all the details you ever need to understand your career goals, find the right university and program to suit you and your budget and holistically plan for your future. We are with you every step of the way from start to finish and we give you a bigger platform to grow.

Smart Application System & Single Form

We have invested so much time and resources into designing a single platform that takes care of all steps of securing admission into Chinese Universities. Applicants will fill a single form but apply to many universities. The technology portal makes it easier for universities, parents, students and Our Admission staff to interact. Here are other features


  • Create a single complete profile to be used for multiple applications
  • Application status check for courses and programs
  • Events Listings / Service Booking / Bookmark pages for future reference
  • Applicants can chat with their Admission officers and University staff
  • Document can be uploaded for feedback


Personal Advisor

Applying to Study in China could be overwhelming especially when universities do not have readily available information and staff to assist you through the process. The China Scholar Platform bridges the information gap. But that’s not all, we pair all applicants to personal Admission Advisors who will you through the entire process, answer our questions. See the role of your coache below


  • Provide professional guidance throughout the application process
  • Assist Applicants with Study Plans and Personal Statement editing
  • Liaise between universities and Applicants and their parents
  • Assist you budget for your study with information on fees
  • Provide continual assistance pre and post arrival
  • Visa Application and settlement support
  • Help Applicants book extra services

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University, Course & Program Selection

Selecting programs and universities fall right into the admission process. Our team will help you define your strategy and then work with you to select the right courses and their corresponding universities


  • We assist you design a study plan with detailed list of your future expectations
  • Our Admission Advisors and Coaches will help you select the right program and course combinations
  • You then populate your choice of courses and we will help you select the best universities that provide those courses
  • We also take into consideration your city of preference

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Application Assistance

Our main goal is to simplify Chinese university application process by making available technology portal, Admission Advisors, University staff and above all a simplified admission system all on a single system. We’ll answer all questions applicants have about fulfilling university requirements and applying for visa.


  • We make available all information on courses admission dates and deadlines
  • Help you fill out admission forms and relevant documents
  • Answer any question you might have
  • We provide insights into Cities and Universities


Visa Support & Enrollment Guidance

After creating a profile, you will have complete access to your profile and also connect with program advisers who will help you ever step of the visa application process. After securing your visa we help you prepare for arival with vital services such as airport pick ups etc


  • Dispatch all visa documents to you through DHL and Help you fill all visa application forms
  • We provide webinar and information sessions to help you understand how Chinese Visa works
  • Help you prepare for arrival with ticketing, packing guidlines, and preliminary cultural insights
  • We arrange airport pickups and Campus registeration for those who need it


Career and Personal Developent

To ensure an enhanced study in China, we have made available all essential services. Your time in China will be shared between attending class lessons, getting prepared for our career journey, making new friends and developing your leadership Skills.  Here is how we contribute to your career Development


  • You get Access to our experienced Career Coaches for developing your career goals
  • Internship Arrangements and matching students to companies in China
  • We host webinars and weekly content to enhance your skills
  • Networking events that get you connecting with business community
  • Access to Job database for future job applications


Comprehensive Resource

Our website contains information to help with your study abroad decisions. We curate the best information on Universities, cities, courses and all important themes. We alsohave case studies to help you understand how previous students maaged their time in China.


  • We have a blog which hosts content on all issues related to stuying in China
  • Case studies, Reviews and Interviews
  • We produce videos and other interactive content at your fingertips
  • We have podcasts and also other publications


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