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Preparing for an Internship or Job Interview in China

Ace Your Next Interview in China For Jobs and Internships In China, your ability to secure a job during your

Ace Your Next Interview in China For Jobs and Internships

In China, your ability to secure a job during your study or after graduating goes way beyond your CV. There are a few issues you need to pay attention to connect with organizations. You need to demonstrate that you are culturally aware of how Chinese work environments are managed. You need to understand the concept of face, respect for hierarchy, Chinese style to problem-solving, etc. This knowledge will make you stand out during a job interview in China.

Preparing for a job interview can be quite challenging, and some people may be very nervous. If it is the first time you are up for an interview, did not have a pleasant experience during your previous interview, then you may need some extra help.

International students who are studying in China and looking for internships will go through an interview before being accepted. Foreign ex-pats already in China or yet to come to china should prepare for job interviews. The concepts as the same except that there are some cultural undertones that you need to be mindful of.

This article will guide you to ace your next interview appointment for jobs and internships in China.

Preparing for a job interview

Your preparation for your job interview makes all the difference. It increases confidence and makes you appear ready for the job. So prepare!

Prepare and research online.

“Why do you want this job with our company?” You see, this question comes all the time. It comes through every job interview. And that is an opportunity to show how well prepared you are. The better you are read about the company, the more impression you make.

So, check the company’s website and social media. Google the company too, and you will come across some interesting facts. Think of relevant questions to which you cannot find an answer online. Let your prospective employer know you have put some effort into that.

You are doing well if you can find answers to these questions while preparing for your application:

  • What kind of company am I going to apply for? How big is it? How does the atmosphere come across? What does the brand stand for, what is the company’s mission and vision?
  • What do I like about this? And why?
  • What were the job requirements in the vacancy? Do I understand all those requirements and how they fit within that company? And what appeals to me about that?
  • How do I meet those requirements? And how can I prove this, for example, by referring to previous experiences?

Know your interviewer

If you want to do that preparation entirely well, you should also take a look at the person who is interviewing you. Memorize his or her name, what they do their previous experience, and what they stand for. These details are all over the internet and social media. You may find that there are passionate about Equality at the workplace, and you may wow them with a simple question.

“But then they can see that I have viewed their profile!” Yes, and that is not creepy in this case, and it shows you are well prepared. Maybe you studied at the same college, you work for the same charities, or you have a piece of common knowledge. You can break the ice with that.

Show you are Culturally Aware.

Chinese have a deep culture that shapes how they do business and operate. Some of these cultural traits do not sit well with foreign nationals. Every Chinese company would like to know you understand the Chinese culture and how that affects you in the working environment. Hierarchy is essential to Chinese in the working environment.

Final tips for preparing for a job interview

Almost ready for your job interview. Check out these tips:

Chinese are obsessed with an appearance, so don’t mess it up! Check, for example, online, the dress code within the company, and adjust your clothing accordingly. No idea? Try to find out how that works with comparable companies. Are you in doubt? Go for the neatest version.

If you are early, you are on time. If you are on time, you are late. Fifteen minutes in advance is excellent and gives you the space to get lost, delay, or freshen up.

Double-check: does your LinkedIn profile match the CV you applied for?

Make an excellent first impression with Your Body Language.

How you sit, how you look, how you talk, and how you behave: are all-important for that first impression when you show up.

Below are the essential tips for a good first impression during your interview in China.

  1. Smile and be friendly! With a sweet smile, you are ahead.
  2. Be polite. Introduce yourself nicely and don’t forget “please” and “thank you”. Chinese society value these simple gestures
  3. Give people face and let them feel important. You can break the ice with a sincere compliment. A neutral compliment, for example, about the office or the atmosphere, is safer.
  4. By offering help, you show that you are considerate. Keeping the door in the state that it was when you entered. Offer to help if the need be
  5. Refresh your understanding of Chinese Business Ethics: remember names in the right order. You must, of course, know who you are talking to and call them by names.
  6. Confidence is top-notch, but arrogance goes too far.
  7. Take an active attitude, and don’t look desperate. So don’t lean your head on your hand or sit back. That seems you are uninterested.
  8. Listening carefully to the interviewer is very important. You come across as sympathetic. So listen carefully to what is being asked, without immediately thinking up and tuning out an answer in your head.

China Interview Issues

What questions can you expect during a job interview? There are three standard questions that you cannot ignore. Below are listed not only those three most frequently asked questions, but also useful example answers. This way, you can prepare optimally.

The three most frequently asked questions when applying for a job:

1. Tell something about yourself

Here you can say something about your background. To make it personal, you can also mention your interests. It is smart to end the pitch about yourself with something that leads back to the job you are applying for. In China, as you speak about yourself, make sure you come across as arrogant

Elevator Pitch

Do you want to put a killer of a presentation about yourself? Then use the elevator pitch, a short introduction about yourself in which you talk about your added value in less than a minute.

2. What are your good and bad qualities?

Usually, during your job interview, recruiters ask for three good and three bad qualities. Do you not yet know what your strengths are? Take a personality test, and you will know immediately.

Good qualities of your character

You do not have to look for good qualities in your skills or experience; they come naturally. Here are four examples of good qualities that make a recruiter happy and why.

  • you are positive

A positive attitude will influence your colleagues, so recruiters are careful. Your cheerfulness is infectious laughter will see you through tough times. Moreover, positive people think of possibilities instead of problems.

  • you rely on yourself

Employers are looking for people who radiate confidence without becoming arrogant. You are convinced of your qualities but are open to feedback. If you radiate self-confidence, you are more convincing and make more impression.

  • you are social

Being social is a good quality that is indispensable when working together. If you come across as friendly, you score points with a recruiter. With a relaxed, spontaneous (telephone) conversation, you show your social skills.

  • you bring new ideas

Employers are not looking for robots that perform job descriptions line by line. Are you a starter, and do you have little experience? There is a good chance that you will excel because of the refreshing ideas that you take with you.

Convince with examples

Whatever you choose, make sure you can substantiate your good qualities. It means: give examples that show that you have those good qualities. The chances are that that application will be successful.

What are your weaknesses?

Mentioning bad qualities in a job interview is tricky. Many applicants are afraid to identify weaknesses of themselves. They don’t want to make a wrong impression. That’s why they often say, “I am very perfectionist, and that sometimes gets in my way.”

Then the recruiter hears this: “I can not call it a bad quality of myself and therefore have either no courage or no reflectivity.”

  • Procrastination
  • Be impatient
  • Not listening to others, talking too much or predominant behavior
  • The tendency to do everything alone
  • Be a control freak
  • Conflict avoidance behavior
  • Don’t dare to make mistakes
  • Taking too much hay on your fork and exhausting yourself with it
  • Barely making contact, being closed
  • Being too ambitious

3. Why do you want to work here?

Chinese companies would like to hire someone who is stable and fits their working environment. Recruiters ask you this question to check how motivated you are and how well you have prepared. If you have checked the company well, you can tell that the company culture suits you well. Or that you join their vision. Or that the position is precisely what you like and have always wanted to do. But also that you can contribute to the company with your knowledge, experience, and education.

Think carefully in advance why you want to work at that company. Check the website, check their social media, and see how you fit in there. Write it all down if necessary.


Whether you are an international student in China or a graduate looking for a job, your ability to secure a position goes far beyond your CV and qualifications.

If you need help to study in China, secure internships, or even find jobs, we are always here to help with our all-encompassing service packages. Drop us a note to discuss your China journey.

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