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Lets Grow Together

China Scholar works with international recruiters and agents to expand their access to student mobility programs in China. If you are a student recruiter, we help you expand your portfolio of youth exchange and work abroad programs. We have Award Winning China internshipCultural immersionChinese Language programs, Study abroad and a combination of all the above.

When you partner with us, you’ll join our network of global youth exchange and work providers. Our international recruiting partners, representatives, and agents are more than business affiliates; they are a part of our Alliance Abroad family. Together, we can offer young people, students, and professionals across the world more opportunities to work and travel, intern, and teach abroad.

We provide expedited services for our Agents with the right technology, resources, and support. China Scholar offers the best combination than any agency in China and we deliver real value to your applicants and gives you goodwill. We offer complete service of admissions, Internships, airport pickups, mentoring ad supporting students in China.
More About The China Scholar Approach

Admission Services

You get a comprehensive study abroad support designed to fit your background and future Goals .

China Internship & Career

We set you off on a rewarding career path with Career Coaching, Internships and cheering you till first Job.

Chinese Language & Immersion

We provide short term and long term Chinese Mandarin Programs with Authentic cultural immersion.

Authentic Program Combinations

You get access to china-wide international student comunity, immersion, 24/7 Support

Benefits of Partnering With Us


Program Design & Implementation

We design bespoke programs dedicated to providing a best student experience in China. We design the programs to fit your requirements and implement with the university as the academic partner and we as the operators.


Investment and Technology

We invest into launching new programs, including hiring qualified and experienced staff to enhance student experience. We incorporate advanced technologies to deliver efficient programs freeing your team’s time.


Regulatory & Leadership Management

Our experts identify best practices that deliver value for students. With our student concierge services, and regulatory guidance, all wrapped up in a best implementation framework. Our relationships with  government Agencies keeps us on top the latest regulations.


Speedy Admission Process

A speedy, dynamic and fully digitized admissions process gives your students greater freedom and quick updates to their admission status. We implement single application forms and access for Agencies to track progress. Your Students get faster notices than normal applicants


Career & Personal Development

Career solutions and support are the #1 priority for students and parents. With China Scholar, your students get more than a degree! They are able to combine internships, Personal development mentorships and Study support that deliver value


Fastest-Growing Provider

As the fastest growing Admission provider, China Scholar gives you more to offer your students and your business, now and in the future. You get full support, resources, training and on top, students love our programs due to the combinations available

Our Signature Student Concierge Services

China scholar prioritize participants I delivering these student Mobility services and has earned he trust of many parents with glowing reviews. We deliver face-to-face 24/7student concierge services and field support. Our students benefit from Program Selection guidance and diverse service package combinations, cultural immersion, field support and regulatory guidance. Our delivery strategy features Mentoring, serene living conditions, group delivery, trips, China knowledge. All Alumni get complete access to our job database and special ongoing Alumni package and access to our networking groups

  • Students get 24/7 warm support from airport pickup to settlement
  • Students are able to combine programs like internships and Study Abroad
  • Personalized extensive service packages garished with cultural immersion
  • Exposure to real Chinese experience and Alumni Package

How We Work

China Scholar supports international tutors, Recruiters, agents, and advisers, on top of processing applications to hundreds of universities and colleges in China. We are one of the official online admissions services for Chinese universities. We work on behalf of the universities connecting people to higher education. We designed the technology systems and offer comprehensive support

  • We have designed and maintain technology systems for Agents
  • Process Admission application into Chinese Universities
  • We Sign official contracts and documents that define our relationships
  • There are commissions for partnership alongside solid packages
  • We provide the training, field visits and make available all needed resources
  • Assist you secure Scholarships for your students with a streamlined process
  • Field support staff that provide 24/7 assistance and Visa Support

Smart Application System & Single Form

We have invested so much time and resources into designing a single platform that takes care of all steps of securing admission into Chinese Universities. Applicants will fill a single form but apply to many universities. The technology portal makes it easier for universities, parents, students and Our Admission staff to interact. Here are other features

  • Create a single complete profile to be used for multiple applications
  • Application status check for courses and programs
  • Events Listings / Service Booking / Bookmark pages for future reference
  • Applicants can chat with their Admission officers and University staff
  • Document can be uploaded for feedback

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We Partner the Best Universities in China

To deliver to notch services to our applicants, we maintain partnerships with top Chinese Universities and host detailed information about each of them. Applicants who go through China Scholar are able to use a single application form to apply to many Universities. You secure admissions faster than any portal

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai Jiaotong University

Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University

Beijing, Beijing, China

Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University

Beijing, Beijing, China

Beihang University

Beihang University

Beijing, Beijing, China

Peking  University

Peking University

Beijing, Beijing, China

Tianjin University

Tianjin University

Tianjin, Tianjin, China

Our Stellar Services

We believe I building solid relationships and meaningful partnerships that lead to development of programs that deliver real value to oug people. China Scholar has a one stop platform for all services which makes it easier for our partners. We combine Interships, Semester/ Year Abroad, Cultural Immersion, Entrepreeurial Projects and Summer Programs together which is what most universities prefer. Check our partnerships below