Our 2020 Admissions have started. Applicants considering a Fall and Spring Semesters should submit their applications now. Check your selected university for deadlines and also check with your personal program advisor

Studying in China is the best decision you will ever make when it comes to getting prepared for the future and acquiring international exposure. You can imagine studying abroad comes with its own set of challenges but fret not! That’s why China Scholar exists. Our Settlement package is designed to offer you peace of mind, taking away the anxiety and stress of having to deal with separate parts of your arrival while you concentrate on getting prepared psychologically to take on the world
We provide a combination of settlement packages that include everything from airport pickup to settlement information package etc The Our Admission system streamlines orders and allocates you to a unique Support staff whose responsibility is making sure you are satisfied and well-integrated settled in China before your study begins. You also have access to our hotlines anytime


7 Core Areas & How We Transition our Clients


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After securing admission to the university of your choice and enjoying the unflinching support from our team, the next step will be to plan your arrival to China. We make the process fun preparing your for arrival and also providing all the needed services.
The CS-HUB will allocate you to a personal support staff who will book an appointment with you and walk you through the needed steps. The essence is to help you understand what’s next. You will not have to second guess what you should do or what you have to prepare yourself We have a well laid out steps and routines that will be ticked so you are kept in the loop. We have over 15 years of experience working with students in China and have great reviews

  • Pre-Arrival Orientation
  • Students are taken through a robust and comprehensive pre-arrival orientation so they understand what to expect on arrival, transportation issues, first few weeks in China and tutorials on avoiding homesickness. We hope to see our clients arrive in China in the best state and confidence

  • Airport pickup
  • We have a corporate airport pickup team which is owned by China Scholar. Our drivers are trained to be courteous to all clients. They rive students to campus / selected accommodation in the company of our Staff Support.

  • Content and Preparation
  • One unique aspect of our program is the volume of content we make available exclusively to our clients. These are guides to getting things done in China and they maintain access to these Materials for life.

  • Flight booking and Student Deals
  • We recommend our clients to student deals and also negotiate with airlines to the best flight tickets. The intention is o reduce the cost of your flights.

  • Transition and Orientation
  • On arrival, We debrief our clients providing cultural seminars, orientations to help them understand how to avoid cultural shocks, we deal with the entire transitioning process with very unique coaching and leadership tools

  • Campus Registration & Introduction to Campus Communities
  • We help you figure out registration dates and important facilities on campus that require your attention. Most importantly, you will be introduced to some communities that are relevant. Like Entrepreneur Communities, nitch based groups and also Free Access to our Wechat Group that has other students already studying in China

  • Set up- Bank Accounts / SIM Cards / Transport Card
  • Students need to set up after a few hours of arrival. We help clients purchase SIM Cards, Transport cards and we have a content support system to continue the support throughout their stay in China

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    China Scholar welcomes you to a new way of going about Studying in China that guarantees real results. We have designed a comprehensive user portal that brings university admission officers, our professional staff, students and Agencies on a single spine called the CS-HUB. It is a springboard the supports admissions with prompt feedback without stress. You get complete access to your university and program advisors like never before
    Our Platform ensures you get the best Service

    • Instant feedback from our staff with 24/7 admission service
    • Integrated Chat system that helps with instant communications
    • Book appointment with your supervisor without leaving the platform
    • Bookmark your favourite Courses and Programs for future use
    • Fill a single application form and upload all matrials
    • Keep track of your admissions to multiple universities without leaving the platform
    • Book Extra services and pay directly from the platform

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    Services that set you up for success

    Academic Mentoring

    Get the best Support from our Academic Coaches to Excell during your study

    Coaching & Mentoring

    • Mentors are Senior Corporate Executives who cheer you on to success. They help with 360 Degree growth

    Scholarship Services

    Over US$ 32 Million in Scholarship and Grants issued to our clients. Our advisors are here help you secure one

    Jobs, Internships & Career Guide

    Career Accelerator program with resume and interview prep for internship in a sector of your Choice

    Admission Support

    Submit Application to top Universities and Get Professional Assistance Building Your Profile

    Accommodation Arrangements

    Get a smooth Room Booking Experience selecting the right option on campus or other accommodation


    Search our databse of over 5000 courses and exchange programs, review their details, create a profile and bookmark them for future reference. Your personal adviser Support you.

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    Over 1000 Universities with dozens of programs lay in our databases. Explore Bachelor, Masters, PHD Chinese Language and other programs. Log into your account and chat our staff.

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    Looking to fund your study in China? We have a database of options, grants, scholarships available to explore. We also help you get a well laid funding strategy.

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    How it works

    We provide services that set you up for success combining Education Strategy to Early Career and Jobs in China. Our systems are designed to make your application to Chinese Universities easier than before topped wih professional consulting service. Check our process below

    • Create an Account, complete your profile
    • Get Allocated to a personal Admission officer to get help with the process
    • Select City, University, and course, ALso complete a single admission form
    • Pay Admission fee(s) and wait for admission updates

    After admission is completed, you get the opportunity to plan arrival visa etc and our staff will also guide you through the process