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Study Tips for international Students in China

Tips for Studying Efficiently One unique feature of the China Scholar's China Admission program is that we support our students

Tips for Studying Efficiently

One unique feature of the China Scholar’s China Admission program is that we support our students to succeed on campus with internships and Mentoring Programs. Study support services include assisting students in understanding how to learn efficiently while in university, conduct research, and many more tips. Our services to not end with your admission letter.

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When you are either studying abroad or in your own country, you may encounter several issues a student. Many International students are distracted from their studies or do not find a good time for it, which causes them to fail. Therefore, it is essential to know how to study effectively to reach all of your objectives. When appropriately implemented, learning becomes fun. This article will give several study tips in a broad but effective way so that anyone can personalize it to their own needs. Let’s get Started

How to begin – Time Management & Plan

The most important thing you can do before you start your study is to have a SMART plan in place. It is easy to get swallowed into the business of the day and get tired enough to ignore revising your notes. To do convenient planning, you have to be realistic. Put a priority on the tasks or habits that are most important to you; do not worry because this is different for everyone. Also, if you are realistic enough, you can notice your addictions or bad habits that do not necessarily have to be done that day. Since you usually do not need to study every single day (if you plan efficiently), you can make cheat days where you do all the things that you were not able to do the other day. This compensates for having to study, in case you hate to do anything for school.

When you put all the necessary activities on your planning, try to find an open spot on it that is at least one hour long (the more time, the better in this case). When you have found the right time, make sure not to plan anything else during this time. Remember, you will have cheat days in the future, so studying is not always as bad as it seems. Then, the duration of the planned study should be as long as it is necessarily possible. It is more likely to stop studying sooner than later. If the period fits well in your schedule, you should add break times during the study that would suit you the best. Be practical, though, because your breaks should not be longer than the time you spend studying. When you tried using a clear schedule several times, you will find the perfect duration and frequency of breaks. Now that you learned how to make a proper schedule, it is time for the next step, test it out!

The Best Place to Study

After finding the perfect time of when and how long you are going to study, it is also vital to find an excellent place to study. Everyone is different, and therefore just like making a schedule that suits you, you should also consider the best place for you to study. To find this, trial and error is the best suggestion for someone that does not know at all where he or she wants to study. In case you know yourself a bit better, you can ask yourself a few questions to find the correct answer. For example: Do I prefer quiet or crowded areas? Am I most productive at home or somewhere else? Do I want to work inside or outside?

After answering the questions above, you should have a better view of the place where you will study. If it is still difficult for you to find the right spot, ask your friends or classmates where they prefer to study and try it for yourself. If you are easily distracted at home, then good alternatives would be the library, at school, an internet café, a park, or other comfortable places outside.

Finding the best place and time to study already helps you with 50% of the efficiency. The other 50% requires motivation, productiveness, and effort. The previous parts were about the preparation, and the following section will discuss the elements during the time you are studying.

Finding the Right Motivation to Study

Motivation is one of the critical points to study well. If you are not motivated to learn something, then you will most likely forget about almost everything. Therefore, let’s take a step back and look at what it takes to become motivated.

Motivation can originate from several things. It could be something fun which makes you fired up, it could also be a goal in your life or a result you want to achieve. Another way to become motivated is if you’re going to help someone else that might have difficulties doing something. There are plenty of ways to become motivated; sometimes, it could even be without any reason! Therefore, to study effectively, you need to ask yourself the question: Why do I need to study?

Most likely, the answer to that question is: because you want to pass your exam(s). If this is the case, then you should ask a few more items to yourself to become more motivated. For example: When are the exams? How much time do I need to study to feel confident about taking the exam?

Try not to ask yourself demotivating questions such as:

What if I don’t pass? This will not help you at all because the consequences are always better if you do pass the exam(s). If you have found your motivation to study, then you are already a step further than most of the other students.

Being Productive for Better Results

Now that you have prepared to study, and you have found your motivation, it is essential to know how to become the most productive. Even if your motivation and preparation are perfect, you could still fail because you are not using your time efficiently. Spending a lot of time on something does not mean you will get the expected results. Therefore, you need to think of ways to use your time most effectively.

Being productive could require knowledge and skill. Some people can be extremely productive in a short amount of time. Others tend to spread out their productivity over long periods. No matter which strategy you use, it is crucial to focus on when you are studying. For the people that are easily distracted, try to put all distractions aside and only use them during the scheduled breaks. Some disturbances could be your mobile phone or your computer/laptop. Make sure to put every distraction in silent mode or turn it off completely. This way, you will not be distracted during your productiveness.

Another way to be productive is to attend all classes. When you attend all classes, you are becoming more familiar with each subject. This will save a lot of time and stress because otherwise, you have to do all the research yourself using the books and the internet. Also, if you do not attend classes, you will miss the opportunity to know what is and what is not essential for the tests/exams so that you do not have to study anything irrelevant. Additionally, during classes, the teacher might give some extra tips on how to get better results. Not only does attending classes help you with getting better test results, but it also helps you on a social level. If you are not taking private lessons, then it means other students are attending the same class. They could become good friends, and you can even help each other with studying.

Putting in Effort to your Study

When you learned about all the previous aspects of studying effectively, there is still one more matter that is very important. In case you know about how to study effectively, but do not put any effort into it, then you still won’t be able to get good results. Usually, effort goes along with motivation and planning. Sometimes, even though you are very motivated to do something, you still put no effort into it because of some reason.

Let us look at an example explaining this matter: Your goal is to lose weight by jogging for an hour every day. You have set the perfect time to do this for yourself, and you are very motivated because you want to get in shape. Moreover, you are even using the ideal gear and found the perfect place for a nice jog. But, after a few days, you become lazy and ruin your plans. This is all because you do not put enough effort into your goals.

As was said before, effort goes along with motivation but also planning. The reason why planning is essential when you want to put effort into something is that you want to have time-bound goals. If you do not set clear goals for yourself for specific dates, then it is difficult to see any progression at all.

Let us look back at how we can improve the goal of losing weight in the previous example. To get a good result for losing weight, you need to make goals for a specific period. For example: After two weeks of jogging, I want to lose 2kg of weight. After two months of jogging, I want to lose 5kg of weight in total. After two months of jogging, I want to maintain the pressure at that time.

The losing weight example can be done for studying too. Since everyone is different, you need to set goals that are realistic and specific for yourself. This way, you will get the best results possible. When you applied all the tips mentioned above, but still do not get the results you hoped for, then you need to change your strategy. Ask yourself where you could improve yourself. Do you spend enough time studying? Do you use the right materials? Do you put in enough effort? Experiment with all aspects, and you will be able to achieve amazing results.

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