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Medical Examination for China Student Visa

Medical Examination for Chinese Universities International students who are applying to study a degree in China or get the X1

Medical Examination for Chinese Universities

International students who are applying to study a degree in China or get the X1 student visa in China need to undertake a medical examination. These medical examinations are supposed to check the physical wellbeing of students to be sure they are fit to study in China. While some universities require students to submit these documents during their application, others will inspect it on arrival

The medical exams need to be performed by a recognized physician at an accredited hospital in your country. We encourage all applicants to check with the local Chinese embassy for guidance. As the medical exams are required for X1 visa application is mandatory and very important

Studying in China is very interesting, but you need to prove that you are fit and able to complete your education in China. One of the most critical needs for this is the Physical Examination document for Foreigners. Therefore, this article will guide you through all the needs of your Chinese Student Visa.

What is a Medical Examination for Chinese Universities

A medical examination is a compulsory physical test designed to prove that international students are fit to study in China. They submit them to the recognized physician to complete, stamp, and certify.

Medical Examination as part of Student Visa Requirement for China

International students must have a passport and visa to enter China after securing admission to a Chinese University. As part of applying for a study visa, embassies and universities require that you submit a correctly completed and certified Medical Examination Form. Please note that this is compulsory and international students must follow the right steps to move forward.

Physical Examination

Freshmen report first of all physical Examination, only through the physical Examination to determine the health of the new students can enter the school.

1. Who needs a medical check-up?

New students who study in China for six months or more must undergo a physical examination.

2. When will the medical check-up take?

New students must undergo a medical examination within one week of arrival in school to prepare for a residence permit.

3. Where is the medical Examination?

There are several hospitals where you can get the physical Examination. It may also be possible to get the Examination in your own country. Do some research about the Chinese city where you will study to find out where the clinic is located. Other possibilities are asking your institution or travel agency for help.

4. Physical examination items

The medical examination form for the new student examination should be accompanied by the examination person’s photograph (stamped seal), the serological examination report should include Anti-HIV, RPR, TPPA, HbsAg, AntiHCV, ALT/GPT and other items, X-ray examination report and chest tablets.

5. How much does the medical examination cost? (For informational purposes only)

  • Full body check-up: 495 yuan results within three days
  • Verification fee: 100 yuan
  • Syphilis check fee: 100 yuan
  • HIV(AIDS) examination fee: 80 yuan
  • X-ray (chest): 40 yuan
  • Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and liver function: 175 yuan

6. Do I need to go through physical Examination again if I’ve already done it at home?

This will depend on how valid your test is. Sometimes, some of the physical examination tests for Chinese visas are not appropriately done or have expired. In such cases, you will be required to perform a new test.

7. Is the Physical or Medical Examination Compulsory?

If you are coming to China for a short summer or semester study, this is not a requirement, but if your study duration is about a year and above, it becomes mandatory. If you already have a residence permit in China, then you don’t need to go through this process again. So long term students and first-time visa applicants are strictly required to have a China physical examination test

8. What happens if my medical Examination is Disapporived in China?

Fret not, several international students’s medical exams get rejected. You will have to contact the International students’ office for complete support. They will provide you address and contact details of the hospital

9. What type of diseases are checked?

They will be checking for the following throughout your Medical Examination: Influenza, Poliomyelitis, Malaria, Dengue fever, Relapsing fever, Epidemic typhus HIV and AIDS, Hepatitis B, Plague, Cholera, Yellow fever and other infectious diseases required for disclosure by the State Council. Entry and residence will be denied for those testing positive or showing condition of any of the above in addition to Severe Psychosis, Infectious Tuberculosis disease, and any other physical or mental conditions, deemed to be a threat to China’s health and safety standards.

Download China Medical Examination Form

All International students are mandated to take a medical examination to qualify to study in China. It also automatically becomes a requirement to get an X1 visa before entering China. You are required to complete the process before coming to China. If the physical exam takes in your home country is not up to standard, you are required to retake it in China, so you should make room for the next round of Examinations. Sometimes test taken before arrival exceeds the 6-month validity period, and students will be required to retake it.

There is a standard medical examination form to complete the test. All universities use the same form throughout China.

Click to download the China Medical form.

Requirements for Medical Examinations

What requirements should the medical examination form meet? For your medical test to be accepted, it must meet some standards, and international students should pay close attention to this.

  • Stamped by a certified doctor
  • Tests should be performed at a recognized hospital
  • Should not be six months older
  • The language used should be English, or you will need translation service
  • Attach a personal passport photo to the medical form
  • Original copy of the form is needed
  • Official stamp stamped on top of the passport photo
  • Signed and stamped by issuing doctor (last page)
  • If you have to photocopy the blank form, please do it double-sided and NOT two pages
  • Original copy of AIDS, Syphilis, EGC and X-Ray test reports

Important Notice Before Showing up for Your medical test:

  1. Very Important! Don’t eat breakfast in the morning before going to see the doctor. It might affect the test results.
  2. If you have been put on any medications, discuss it with the doctor before proceeding with the test. They need to understand how that could impact the medical results
  3. Go to the center very early in the morning
  4. some hospitals will require an appointment before seeing you
  5. You should know the cost before showing up
  6. Seek further information from your embassy to know what hospitals are accredited
  7. Insist the doctor fills the right medical forms

Types of Tests Required for Physical Examination for the Chinese visa

On the face of the medical forms, here is a list of tests you will be required to take. The doctors understand how all these procedures work. The hospital staff should be able to assist you with the rightwards

  • Height and Weight check
  • Blood test with sterile needles and gloves
  • Vision test
  • Urine Test
  • ECG
  • Blood pressure check
  • Pulse regularity check
  • Stethoscope check for breathing regularity
  • Ultrasound
  • X-Rays (usually of the torso)

How to take the Physical Examination Test in China

In case the medical examinations are rejected, or you want to do the medical Examination in China, below are some simple information to assist you in the process. It is a straightforward process. The International students’ office will help with the entire process. Don’t forget to go with the following  documents

a) A valid passport used for your visa application

b) Photocopies of your biometric passport pages; picture and personal information page, last visa page, recent entry stamp page

c) 2-inch passport-style photos – use the most recent and professionally taken ones.

d) make sure you go with the medical examination fee of about 400 RMB. You can settle this with a Chinese bank card, WeChat, Alipay or even cash

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