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Essay Writing Tips for Students

How to write a successful essay for work, school or an internship Successful writing is a skill that automatically develops

How to write a successful essay for work, school or an internship

Successful writing is a skill that automatically develops itself when doing it frequently. It could be a lot harder to become good at it for the people that do not like writing essays. Therefore, it is essential to know what you are doing and how to write most efficiently so that you can get the best results possible. To do this, you might need some tips to feel more confident about your writing. So the question is how to create the perfect essay?

Writing is Essential

No matter which course you select, it has a very high chance that you need to write an essay one day. Therefore, every international student should know how to write an essay well and what they can improve to get better results. If you are reading this article, it means you probably need some help with writing essays. Before the tips are given, let us first look at the most significant difference between students that need to write an essay. Since all college or university studies probably require you to write an essay one day, the most significant difference between students is: in which language do they have to write?

When you are a national student, you are probably familiar with your country’s writing rules and can speak the language well. Usually, when this is the case, the study requires you to write essays on a higher level compared to writing in a different language. If you are writing an essay in your native language, then be prepared to deliver higher quality articles. Later on in this article, there will be tips that are most useful for national students.

If you are an international student, you might have an easier time writing essays in case you know the foreign language well. People that have cross cultured parents are usually able to speak more than one language on a proficient level. In case you are still learning the other language, you will need to use several tools to produce high-quality essays. Next up will be a part that gives tips that might come in handy for international students.

International Student Tips

In case you go abroad to study, you may need to learn a new language to do the study well. Therefore, the first tip is to determine the foreign writing rules to write an essay. For example, An English essay may have more than just a language difference compared to a Chinese essay. If there are many different rules and they are difficult to remember, type them in a document and print it out for yourself so that you can always use them appropriately.

As an international student, you might also encounter other difficulties if you need to write in a different language. You might make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, which are usually not acceptable in a proper essay. If your progress in learning the language proficiently is not going fast enough, you will need to use the help of others that are better than you in the literature. Ask those people to read your essay and correct your mistakes. Sometimes you meet amazing people that can even translate the entire essay from your language to the foreign language. Always make sure to double-check the essay afterward, or also let another person read it because you do not want to be accountable for other people’s mistakes.

Another aspect that international students may encounter is a lack of motivation to write an essay. There could be many new distractions because of the new location, or the facilities are not what you are used to. Try to adapt to the country’s culture as much as possible, and don’t let yourself get distracted too much. In case you went to a different country to study, there will be plenty of time to explore the area and discover new places. Also, try to make friends that have lived there for a while to make it a lot easier for yourself to feel at home.

Local Student Tips

If you are studying in your own country, you might be overwhelmed by the difficulty increase from high school to college/university. Writing essays has become a lot harder, and the rules became stricter as well. Usually, the length of the articles is also much more than what you were used to during your previous studies. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to deal with these changes to achieve the best results possible.

First of all, be prepared to write essays without making too many spelling and grammar mistakes. Some studies allow you to take only 3 to 5 spelling or grammar mistakes in your entire essay, while top studies do not allow any mistakes at all! An automated spelling check when you finished writing is usually not enough. Make sure to double-check the entire essay and read every part carefully. It would be a shame if the content is fantastic, but you still failed because of too many errors. Also, you can ask others to read your essay and correct you where needed. Try to find close friends or family members to do this for you, because not everyone is willing to read your article.

Another vital aspect for national students is the length of essays. Some studies require you to write over 100 pages with more than 20,000 words. To keep such an extended essay interesting, you have to remember a few tips:

  1. 1. Use linking words.

Examples of linking words are: Moreover, although, besides, additionally, etc. The use of linking words does not only make it easier to make your articles longer, but it also makes your essay more interesting to read. If you continuously use the same opening of the sentence, it will sound very repetitive and will be difficult for others to read. Also, using linking words can help you think of a new sentence (brainstorming). Whenever you do not know what to write anymore, try to use a random linking name to see if you can make a sentence that you could not come up with before. Keep in mind that you should not write anything unnecessary, such as repetitive sentences that mean the same but look different.

  1. 2. Use proper spacing

Essays should always be structured well. People usually prefer to read something that looks easy to read. The use of paragraphs can already help out a lot. Instead of cramming as many words and sentences into one page, try to keep some space between sentences that do not relate to each other that much.

Also, do not make your sentences too long. Adding commas to a sentence is fine, but you need to know where to put the punctuation. To become good at this, you need to write a few pages of text and read it yourself. If it is already tricky for yourself to understand your article, then no one else would be having an easy time either. If you need some guidance on how to create proper sentences, you can ask the help of your professor or teacher to take a look at your sentence structure. If they are too busy to help you, you can ask someone skilled at this matter for help—for example, a good friend or classmate.

  1. 3. Use Quotes

To write a long essay that can stay relevant throughout each chapter, you can make use of quotes. Quotes can come from books, magazines, news articles, or any other source that contains the text. However, you need to make sure that you are using quotes that are relevant to your essay. Also, don’t overuse this feature because you need to make your essay authentic. If you are using too many quotes, your essay could be seen as plagiarism. The last important note about quotes is that you need to maintain the rules. These rules can depend on the country and even school. The most used system for using quotes is APA. Using APA rules for your quotes will most likely be ok.

Universal Tips and Tricks

After all, writing essays are relatively similar in every country. Therefore, there are a few useful tips and tricks that can always help you write. Below, you can see some of these hints to get you going.

  1. 1. Make a good structure for your overall essay

Before you start writing, you should already know how you will structure your essay. For example, most essays begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion. Therefore, make a table of contents beforehand. This does not have to be exact for each chapter, because sometimes you want to adjust a few things when you are writing your essay anyway. As long as you have a good aim of what your essay will look like, you are set. You can already think of the main topic, and even add sub-topics to make it easier for yourself. This strategy will help you a lot, and could also save time.

  1. 2. Do not start too late

This tip is obvious, but one of the main reasons why some people fail there essay. It is a waste of time and money if you fail your study just because you started working on your essay too late. Also, if you start on time, your teacher can guide you along the way to the end of your article. This will save time, stress, and give you much better results.

In case you are too lazy to begin, just think about how amazing it would be if you don’t have to worry about the essay at all anymore. You will be free to do whatever you want and have a much better feeling in general. Also, don’t be affected by other classmates too much. You should compare yourself to someone better than you instead of someone worse than you. That is the only way to grow in life and give you the results you want.

  1. 3. Be open to advice

Whenever the teacher or someone who has read your essay gives you some feedback, you should use it to your advantage. No one in life knows everything, and even the smartest people in the world want to keep growing and learning. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, and don’t ignore the feedback that is given to you. Especially the teacher’s feedback can help you a lot since he/she will be the one to provide you with the mark.

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