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Methodology of TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language), Study on Vocabulary in TCFL, Theories of TCFL, Introduction of Teaching Materials of TCFL, Class Types of TCFL, Teaching History of TCFL, Study on Function Words in Modern Chinese, Semantics and Semantic Analysis, Theories and Application of Chinese Grammaticalization, Introduction of Masterpieces on Chinese Grammar, Chinese Grammar Analysis, Theories and Methods of Western Linguistics, Research on Chinese Historic Linguistics, Cultural Explanation of Chinese Rhetoric, Introduction in Cultural Linguistics, Introductory Course in Computation Linguistics, Study on Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), Cognitive Linguistics, Study on Modern Chinese Verbs, Database Linguistics Theories and Application, Analysis Methodology of Modern Chinese Grammar, Study on Textbooks of Modern Chinese, History of Chinese Linguistics and so on.

Master’s in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

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  • Bachelor’s Degree holder
  • Must be in good health and have a valid passport
  • Applicant must be above 22 years old


Typically, students from abroad are arranged to be accommodated in the Building of Academic Exchanges Center, Waibinlou Building (Foreign Guest House), Xi Liu (No. 6 Dorm on West Xuhui Campus), etc. Also, students are allowed to rent off campus at their own will, however, it usually costs less to live and study on campus.


About the University Summary

A key university in Shanghai city, Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) is a comprehensive local university with salient features of teacher training and particular strength in liberal arts. The main undertakings of the university are undergraduate education with the chief aim of producing high level application-oriented talents.

Currently, SHNU has an enrollment of 22,505 full-time undergraduates, 2,827 graduates, 13,061 night school students and 682 long-term overseas students (studying here for more than one year). The university has established cooperation and exchange relationships with 182 universities and cultural and academic institutions in 25 countries and regions. For 50-odd years since its establishment, SHNU has trained more than 100,000 talents of various kinds.

Almost 70% of primary and middle school teachers, and almost 70% of school headmasters and principals are SHNU graduates. Among them there have been marvelous figures such as Tang Shengchang and Liu Jinghai, who are entitled Educational Heroes in Shanghai, Wu Xiaozhong and Gao Runhua, who are excellent school principals at state level, and Shanghai Teacher Ethic Models Tong Yingying and Zhang Yuqing. These people are representatives of excellent students graduated from SHNU and engaged in educational undertakings in our country.

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