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The Master’s in International Business at Hainan University is a three-year program taught in English for international students.


  • Offering a project-based learning process whereby theory and simulation are combined
  • Providing students with analytical tools for decision making
  • Helping students acquire the ability to evaluate the complexities of international business
  • Developing communication, leadership and teamwork skills

Master’s in International Business

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Applicants should be a non-Chinese citizen in good health over 18, well-behaved and capable of living independently. When entering HNU, applicants for undergraduate programs should have completed their secondary education and obtained a high school diploma or equivalent; Applicants for postgraduate programs should have completed their undergraduate studies and obtained a Bachelor Degree or equivalent; Applicants for doctoral programs should have completed their postgraduate studies and obtained a Master Degree or equivalent.

Applicants for Chinese-taught programs are required to obtain HSK Band 4 with the score of or above 180. (applicants for undergraduate program major in the Chinese language is required to obtain HSK Band 3). Applicants for English-taught programs are required to obtain one of the following English tests: a score of 560 or above (paper-based test) or 78 or above (internet-based test) in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or a minimum overall band of 6.0


HU offers quiet and cozy dorms inside the No. 15 dormitory building (CICE building) for each international student, allowing all dormitory members to learn to be independent and interact closely with students of different backgrounds under the same roof. As for the supplementary set-ups, there are six coin-operated washing machines in the laundry room on the first floor.

Accommodation fees are 3,200RMB per semester for an on-campus single room. The room is equipped with a single bed, desk & chair, wardrobes,  bathroom and a shower.


About the University Summary

Established in 1981, Xiamen University of Technology is a higher education institution located in the large city of Xiamen (population range of 1,000,000-5,000,000 inhabitants), Fujian. Officially accredited and/or recognized by the Department of Education, Fujian Province, Xiamen University of Technology (XMUT) is a small (uniRank enrollment range: 5,000-5,999 students) coeducational higher education institution. Xiamen University of Technology (XMUT) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees in several areas of study. See the uniRank degree levels and areas of study matrix below for further details. International applicants are eligible to apply for enrollment.
Xiamen University of Technology is located in Xiamen, a national central city known as the "city of high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship, and a city of high-value ecological gardens". It is a public undergraduate university in Fujian Province. The main management system. The school adheres to the school-oriented philosophy of “student-oriented and serves the industry”, follows the school motto of “scientific and rational work, and walks with the times”, actively explores the service development path of the trinity of industry-academia integration, school-enterprise cooperation, and foreign cooperation, and builds a “pro- Industry, open, international "high-level applied technology university.

  The school was established in 1981 (formerly Lujiang Vocational University). In 2004, it was approved by the Ministry of Education to upgrade its name to "Xiamen Institute of Technology". In 2011, it became the "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan" college of the Ministry of Education and the first batch of "National Pilot Colleges for Graduate Education in Special Needs of National Special Needs". In 2012, it successfully passed the undergraduate teaching qualification evaluation of the Ministry of Education. In 2013, it was approved as "Key Construction Universities in Fujian Province". In 2016, it was selected into the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" application-oriented undergraduate universities in the Ministry of Education and Development and Reform Commission for the development of production-education integration development projects (100 nationwide). In 2017, it passed the review and evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education, and was named the first batch of national demonstration universities for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform (99 nationwide) and "national typical colleges and universities for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform characteristics" (66 nationwide). In 2018, it was approved as a master's degree awarding unit, and was selected as a top-ranking discipline construction university in Fujian Province and an exemplary application-oriented undergraduate university in Fujian Province.

The school currently has three campuses, Jimei, Siming, and Xiamen Soft, covering an area of ​​1927 acres and a construction area of ​​more than 500,000 square meters. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 520 million yuan, and the library has more than 1.973 million paper books. 65. High starting point for information and digital campus construction. The school now has a School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, a School of Materials Science and Engineering, a School of Electrical Engineering and Automation, a School of Optoelectronics and Communication Engineering (School of Microelectronics), a School of Computer and Information Engineering, a School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and a School of Environmental Science and Engineering School of Design and Art, School of Economics and Management (Straits College of Commerce and Trade), School of Cultural Industry and Tourism, New Silk Road Fashion College, School of Applied Mathematics, College of Foreign Languages, College of Marxism, Ministry of Physical Education, College of Software Engineering, College of Continuing Education, College of International Education 19 graduate schools and colleges.

  The school currently has two first-level disciplines, including mechanical engineering, management science and engineering, and a master's degree in electronic information. There are 58 undergraduate majors covering science, engineering, economics, management, literature, art, and law. 19943 full-time students (including 330 graduate students and 138 international students); 1063 full-time teachers, of which 52.4% are teachers with senior titles, 92.8% are teachers with master's degrees and above, "Teachers with dual skills" account for 54%, and enjoy 7 special allowances from the State Council. They have been selected by the Ministry of Education's New Century Excellent Talent Support Program, 4 Minjiang scholars, 2 national outstanding teachers, and 5 provincial teaching teachers. 1 provincial young teaching teacher, 6 provincial teaching teams, 5 provincial innovation teams. The school's "teacher development center" was rated as a provincial demonstration center.

  The school has established a strategic layout of discipline development for "strong engineering, thick economic management, and large culture." Tightly connect with Xiamen ’s “Double 100 Billion” project and focus on the 12 100 billion industrial chain clusters, and develop electronic information, equipment manufacturing, software and information services, material application technology, urban and rural construction and environmental protection, cultural industry, creativity and Design, trade and financial services in 8 disciplines. Existing disciplines of plateau disciplines in mechanical engineering, 4 applied disciplines in Fujian Province, including materials science and engineering, computer science and technology, control science and engineering, and optical engineering, and 2 applied types in Fujian province, including civil engineering, management science and engineering Discipline cultivation disciplines, 15 key construction disciplines at the university level have been established.

  The quality of personnel training has steadily improved. The school closely focuses on the positioning of talents for the application of innovative high-level specialized talents, actively carries out the "supply-side" reform of talents, explores the "six alliances", "dual system", and "excellent applied talents" of collaborative education between schools and enterprises Multiple training methods. Since 2012, the scores for admission to the second batch of college entrance examinations in Fujian Province for science and art have ranked first in the same batch of colleges and universities in the province; since 2013, some majors have been included in this batch of admissions in Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. Qualifications for the admission of high-level sports teams from two national universities; in 2018, the school began to recruit students from overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

  Since 2016, our students have achieved outstanding results in various student competitions at home and abroad. They have won nearly 2,800 student competition awards of various types, more than 1,000 national awards, and 7,000 student awards, ranking the top in the province for three consecutive years. . Especially in China's "Internet +" University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, "Challenge Cup" National College Student Extracurricular Academic Scientific and Technological Works Competition, National College Student Intelligent Car Competition, Computer Design Competition, National College Student Mechanical Innovation Competition, China and World University Students Nearly 230 items including champions, gold or first prizes in national competitions such as the Formula Car Contest, the World University Aerobics Contest, Mathematical Modeling, Electronic Design, Optoelectronic Design, Structural Design, Engineering Calculation, Logistics Design, Robotics, English Contest, etc. . Some of the events such as the University Student Formula Racing Competition, the College Student Structural Design Competition, the College Student Aerobics Competition, Photoelectric Design, and Engineering Calculations have won consecutive championships.

  Graduates are widely welcomed by the industry for their “practical spirit, strong hands-on ability, sufficient sense of innovation, and high level of foreign languages”. The one-time employment rate ranks among the top universities in the province. Advanced Collective for Employment and Employment. "

  Teaching quality engineering construction and teaching reform have achieved remarkable results. There are 1 national level and 9 provincial levels for specialty specialties; 1 national level and 7 provincial levels for comprehensive professional reform pilots; 5 national and 6 provincial levels for the implementation of the “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan”; and provincial universities 8 service industry specialties; 9 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental areas; 57 provincial-level excellent courses; 2 new engineering research and practice projects of the Ministry of Education; 9 provincial-level teaching reform pilot projects; provincial-level college education 50 teaching reform research projects (including 5 major projects), 6 provincial “Ideological and Political Courses” and “Course Ideological and Political Courses” 6 excellent teaching and teaching reform projects; 52 Ministry of Education industry-academia collaborative education programs; national excellent textbook 4 units, 3 provincial levels; 1 national and 11 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers; 4 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching centers, 1 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching project, and provincial public basic experimental teaching platform 5 1; school-enterprise cooperation practice teaching base 1 national level, 5 provincial level; 1 provincial-level demonstration school-enterprise co-construction vocational education training base 1; university student innovation and entrepreneurship training plan project 235 national level, 658 provincial level It was named the Ministry of Education and Research Center on "the wisdom of the 2018 pilot project teaching" universities. Since 2009, he has won 1 National Second Prize, 3 Provincial Special Prizes, 10 First Prizes, and 17 Second Prizes. The major of civil engineering has passed the professional evaluation of higher education in civil engineering of the Ministry of Housing and Construction. The majors of computer science and technology, vehicle engineering, electrical engineering and automation, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation have passed the certification of engineering education by the Ministry of Education, material molding and control engineering, Optoelectronic information science and engineering, software engineering, and environmental engineering majors have passed Taiwan IEET certification.

  In view of the characteristics of our school, we vigorously cultivate humanistic qualities that match the pro-industry talents among the majority of students. The “Sunshine and Rain Dew Program” was carefully implemented, and a group of campus cultural brand activities represented by “Weekend Cultural Fair”, “Civilized Class Creation” and “Quality Development Theme Week” were brought to bring students into the center of the stage to the maximum extent. Let every student become the protagonist of the quality development platform. Actively build online and offline benign interaction service education platform, "Xiamen Polytechnic e WeChat" WeChat public platform won the first prize of the achievements of university campus culture construction in Fujian Province. Strongly advocate the concept of "watching and helping each other" on campus, inspiring students 'enthusiasm for self-help and mutual assistance, guiding students' family experience, and perfecting a healthy and healthy personality. The party building and ideological and political work with the characteristics of Xiamen University of Technology have effectively ensured the rapid development of the school and met the needs of students' growth.

  The construction of scientific research platform was solidly advanced. Now it has Fujian Provincial Bus and Special Vehicle R & D Collaborative Innovation Center, Fujian Provincial New Energy Vehicle and Safety Technology Research Institute, Fujian Provincial Passenger Car Advanced Design and Manufacturing Key Laboratory, Fujian Provincial Key Technology Laboratory of Optoelectronic Technology and Devices, Fujian Functional Materials and Key Laboratory of Application, Fujian Medical Data Mining and Applied Engineering Technology Research Center, Fujian Software Evaluation Engineering Technology Research Center, Fujian Rural Wastewater Treatment and Water Safety Engineering Research Center, Digital Fujian Natural Disaster Monitoring Big Data Research Institute, Fujian Province Social science research bases—Xiamen Institute of Technology's Cultural Industry Research Center, Provincial Universities' New Type Think Tanks—Cross-Strait Cultural and Creative Research Institute, 29 provincial scientific research platforms, and 19 Xiamen scientific research platforms.

  The level of scientific research has increased rapidly. The level, number and total amount of research projects undertaken have ranked among the top universities in the province for ten consecutive years. Since 2015, the school has undertaken a total of 1502 vertical scientific research projects at various levels (including 102 national projects and 315 provincial and ministerial projects), and won the first and second prizes of the provincial scientific and technological progress award and the provincial social science outstanding achievement award. There are 26 provincial-level scientific research awards, such as Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award and Municipal Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, and 240 authorized invention patents. In 2018, scientific research funding reached 102.37 million yuan (for the first time, horizontal scientific research funding exceeded 60 million yuan). 

The ability to serve regional economic and social development continued to improve. Take the lead in launching the "Serving Haixi / Xiamen Action Plan (2009-2013)" in Xiamen universities; formulating and implementing the "Action Outline for Service Development in Southwest Fujian (2015-2018)"; establishing the second Xiamen City, Jimei District The first university science park has a national-level crowdfunding space, attracting a number of high-quality companies such as Xiamen Mayer Park Information Co., Ltd., a listed company's holding subsidiary? Xiamen Mayer Zhongmin Technology Co., Ltd., with a park value of more than 200 million yuan . Signed strategic cooperation agreements with Yujing Optoelectronics, Aihong Technology, TPV Group, Lianxin Electronics, McAudi, Haojin at home, and other companies to establish a global Android system R & D center, health and medical big data analysis and application center, and touch product testing center Such as school-enterprise cooperation R & D center and industrial public service platform. Approved as a technology development base for the fashion design industry in Fujian Province; built the nation's first university red incubator-Xialong Zhumeng Red Incubator in Longyan; deeply participated in the construction of "beautiful countryside" in Fujian Province, and undertaken in Quanzhou, Longyan, Sanming and other places And implemented the rural environment improvement project. Actively participate in the 6.18 China Strait Project Achievements Fair (Fuzhou), 9.8 China International Investment and Trade Fair (Xiamen), Cross-Straits (Xiamen) Cultural Industry Expo and Trade Fair, China University Science and Technology Achievements Fair (Huizhou), China (Shenzhen) International The cultural industry expo and other trade exchanges are held on the project results, and the "Cross-Strait Creative Economy Research Annual Report" is released every year. In 2018, Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. and other companies jointly applied for “intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standardization and new model application” and were successfully approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the 2018 cruise sheet segmented modular intelligent manufacturing new model project. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has received 12 million yuan in funding. , The total investment of this project reaches 1. 200 million yuan. In 2017, the project “Integration of Key Process Systems for Green Manufacturing of Home Appliance Intelligent Controllers” jointly declared with Xiamen Hualian Electronics and China Electronics Standardization Institute was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the 2017 green manufacturing system integration project, with a total investment of 82 million yuan. Participated in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ’s green manufacturing project “Key Technology Development and System Integration of LCD TV Green Manufacturing” jointly submitted by TPV Display and China Aerospace Group, which received a total of 12 million project funding. Construction of the first university-industry integration system in Fujian province and implementation of the "Pilot Project". Since 2016, a total of 24 "enterprise commissioned" projects and 16 "team fostering" projects have been established, with funding of more than 30 million yuan. The school-enterprise cooperation project funded by the project amounted to more than 60 million yuan, which led 350 teachers to directly participate in enterprise technology research and development, and the economic benefits of the enterprise exceeded 1 billion yuan, which was highly recognized by government departments and enterprises.

  Diversified international exchanges and fruitful cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan. Carry out in-depth cooperation and exchanges with 68 universities in more than 20 countries including the United States, Britain, Canada and Singapore. In cooperation with the University of Missouri, the University of Missouri, Xiamen Institute of Technology, was successfully approved as a second-level Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run institution for undergraduate education at the undergraduate level. Jointly established the Rail Transit Research Center with the University of Newcastle, UK, and implemented the "Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Project" with Victoria University of New Zealand and the University of Regina, Canada, and 10 overseas universities including the University of Western Australia, Cork University in Ireland, and the University of Rome in Italy Carry out teacher-student exchanges and joint training of graduate students. Vigorously implement the overseas high-end foreign specialized education and overseas professor recruitment plan, an average of 40 overseas experts are hired to the school for teaching and research cooperation. For Chinese government scholarships and Xiamen Chen Jiageng scholarships to cooperate with universities, recruit high-quality international students and students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao to study for degrees. Since 2010, it has become the first batch of Fujian and Taiwan universities to jointly train talents projects. It has successively trained talents in a "3 + 1 sub-docking" and "4 + 0" mode; both sides of the straits have jointly established the School of Business , Microelectronics College; Cross-strait universities and laboratories jointly build laboratories and research institutes; and Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei University of Science and Technology, and Yuanzhi University jointly established Fujian Provincial Teachers Fujian-Taiwan Joint Training Center.

  The rapid development of the school has been widely recognized by all sectors of society. It has been rated as "Provincial Civilized School" for three consecutive sessions; it has been rated as "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" in the province, and has been hailed as "the cradle of talents in the local economy." Candidates welcome one of the universities "and so on. In May 2017 and January 2018, Pei Jinjia, then member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and other city leaders made important instructions twice, fully affirming the effectiveness of our university in deepening comprehensive reforms and advancing the integration of production and education. Mr. Pan Maoyuan, the leader of China's higher education research, led a team to inspect and investigate the school, highly affirming our school's school-oriented philosophy of "student-oriented, serving the industry" and the development path of "industrial-academia integration, school-enterprise cooperation", and pointed out that the school development is tight. It meets the needs of Xiamen's economic, social and industrial transformation and development, and has achieved remarkable results. In recent years, the evaluation of the undergraduate college connotation construction and the performance evaluation of improving the running of colleges and universities published by the Education Department of Fujian Province have ranked the forefront of similar colleges and universities. According to the "Fujian Provincial University Development Potential Monitoring Report (2018)" released by the Provincial Education Evaluation and Research Center, our university's development potential ranks sixth among 11 key universities in Fujian

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