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Students are required to register their Ph.D. thesis once they have finished their comprehensive examinations. A thesis supervisor will be appointed for each student to help him/her to select research topic and supervise the progress of the thesis. Based on the topic of dissertation, the Academic Degree Committee will select a committee of at least three faculty members, including the thesis supervisor.

At the thesis writing stage, the students are required to complete a thesis proposal within the first year of the thesis registration. The proposal must include: the thesis topic, the significance of the research, the literature review, research methodology, and the plan for further research. To evaluate the thesis proposal, the students are required to present the proposal in a workshop. The dissertation committee will determine whether the student has made a significant start on the thesis topic.

The final defense of a candidate’s thesis is conducted subject to the regulations of the graduate school. Thesis examining committee will include at least six members: the thesis supervisor, the Director of Graduate Studies, the Director of the Ph.D. program, one faculty member from the School, one member of the dissertation committee, and one external examiner from other university.

PhD in Business Management

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Applicants must have completed a Master Degree program (or equivalent). There is no specific requirement for the M.A. major. Preference is given to students who have strong background in: microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and mathematical economics. The reasonable proficiency in English is a prerequisite for the Ph.D. program.

Applicants must take the entrance examinations for the Ph.D. program recognized by Chinese government. The Entrance examinations include English, Intermediate Economics, Econometrics and field-specific examination. The decision of admission is mainly based on the exam results.

The program allows the transfer of credits from previously-completed graduate course work in internationally recognized universities. The transfer of credits is subjected to the regulations of the Graduate School, and has to be approved by the program director.


There are two types of accommodation for students. On-campus and off-campus. There are 3 buildings on campus available for international students. It is necessary to apply for the on campus early in order to get a place as they are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. There are standard rooms and suites and in total there are 550 rooms with over 1200 beds.

Accommodation On-Campus

a) Huibin House (building 6) is a six floor building with 197 standard rooms and 9 spacious suites. In the middle of each floor there is a public meeting area, kitchen and public toilets. Each room is has high quality furniture and modern facilities including a phone, TV, air conditioner, and a private bathroom. There is also a computer room, gym, laundry service and a cafe. There are kitchens on each floor, and the front desk is avaialble to help students to fax, photocopy, and book tickets. The cost in Huibin House is 100 RMB per day for a standard room, and 50 RMB per day for a bed in a shared room (two people share together).

b) Huicai Apartment (building 5) was built in September 2002 and has 118 suites. Each apartment has a spacious sitting room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and blacony and is furnished with an air conditioner, TV, telephone, and internet. The price is 130 RMB per day for a room and 65 RMB per day for a bed in a shared room. On the east wing there are 89 rooms which are the same as Huibin House except for the bathroom. There is a public bathroom on each floor. The price is 70 RMB per day for a single room, and 35 RMB for a bed in a shared room.

c) Huide Apartment (building 0) was built in September 2001 and has 139 apartments. Each has a spacious sitting room, double bed sleeping room, bathroom, kitchen and balcony and an air conditioner, TV, phone and internet. The building has a laundry service and cafe. The front desk can also help students to fax, photocopy and book tickets. The rooms in Huide are the most spacious out of the three buildings. The rent for long term students is 130 – 140 RMB per day for a single room, and 65 – 70 RMB for a bed in a shared room.

A deposit of 2000 RMB is required when students check-in and will be refunded when students check-out.

Accommodation Outside Campus

Outside of campus there are several hotels which offer a reduced rates for long term occupancy. These are Huiqiao Hotel, Yinghua Hotel, and the Mayor’s Home and are 2-3 star hotels across the street from the University west gate. The daily rent is approximately 320 RMB.

Huiqiao Hotel:
Address: 19 Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China
Telephone: (86-10) 6491-8811

Yinghua Hotel:
Address: 17 Huixin Dongjie, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China
Telephone: (86-10) 6493-4455

The Mayor’s Home:
Address: 2 Huixin Nanli, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China
Telephone: (86-10) 6492-2233

Other nearby hotels are: Huiyuan Apartment and North Star Continental Grand Hotel.


About the University Summary

The University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), founded in 1951, is a multi-disciplinary and national key university with economics, management, law, literature and science as its core academic areas of expertise. Since its foundation, UIBE has been steadfast in living up to its motto of "Erudition, Honesty, Endeavor and Perfection" through constant diligence and innovation.

At present, UIBE consists of 15 academic schools, a Graduate School, a Department of Physical Education and a Department of Culture and Art, offering over 1405 undergraduate courses, 875 postgraduate courses, and 109 doctoral courses.

In 1989, UIBE became the first university in China to have a Board of Trustees, with its members from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (predecessor of the Ministry of Commerce), state-owned international trading companies, Chinese Customs, the Bank of China, the People's Insurance Company of China, and the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce.

UIBE plays a leading role in the development of international alliance with universities around the world. Currently, UIBE has established partnerships with over 160 overseas universities and international organizations.

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