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Teaching foreign students Chinese language in our university is highly praised by foreigners for our high level teaching, active class atmosphere, leisure study environment and friendly relationship between teachers and students. In order to make the foreign students understand the long history and culture of China directly, we organize the foreign students to study in TUST to visit some of the famous places of interest in China.

1. Chinese courses include basic Chinese language (primary one and intermediate one), Oral Chinese, Aural Chinese, Newspaper-Reading and so on. We also set courses of Introduction of China (History, Geography, Culture and Custom). According to their own interests, foreign students can choose Chinese Kong-Fu, Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy in their spare time.

2. Based on the exam result and their actual learning level, foreign students will be divided into several classes to learn (In case the students’ number is below 5, they will not be divided).

3. At the end of every semester, the foreign students who pass the result of exam and attendance will gain the certificate of completion issued by TUST.
Note: Students who apply this program should join in the long-term semester Chinese program to study and must have certain Chinese skills to catch up with the other students in the class.
There are two periods of time for students to choose: Autumn semester (from Sep. to Dec.) and Spring semester (from Feb. to Jun.). If you want to study in other periods of time, you could choose summer course, winter course or one-on-one course.

Short-term Chinese Training course (Join in the long-term Program)

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At least finish high school studying; Be in good health.


Located on Bin Shui Xi Dao, Xi Qing District, Tianjin, China,Tianjin University of Technology is generally consisted of two campuses, one is the Main Campus, the other is the Old Campus. The international students are mainly in the College of International Education (CIE). The accommodation fee is about 35RMB/day/person.

  • Book in advance
  • To rent off campus is not allowed
  • Those who arrive at night can live in International Exchange Centre(Tel: 60270055)
  • One week moving in before registration is allowed
  • Long term students pay yearly, language students pay all once time
  • Pay by cash


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