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The LLM program offered by Renmin Law School provides an invaluable opportunity for a selected group of students and professionals with a bachelor degree at least to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of Chinese law. The course of study lasts two years, with a total of four semesters, starting in September and finishing in July. The students are expected to earn a total of 33 course credits, after which they will write a dissertation under the supervision of an advisor.

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There are four different international residence on campus. They are No.1 International Student Residence, No.2 International Student Residence, No.3 International Student Residence, and International Cultural Exchange Center. The rooms types are different, so do the room fees. The room fees range from 40 yuan/bed/day to 120 yuan/bed/day.

International Student Buildings No. 1 – 208 rooms, including single and double. All the rooms are equipped with air-conditionertelephone and network socket, with public toilets,bathrooms,kitchens and magnetic card washing machines.

International Student Buildings No. 2 – 75 rooms, including single and double. All the rooms are equipped with air-conditioner, telephone, network socket and modular furniture, with public toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and magnetic card washing machines.

International Student Buildings No. 3 – 61 rooms, single only. All the rooms are equipped with TV, air-conditioner, telephone, network socket and toilet, with public kitchens and laundry.

The international cultural exchange center – 353 rooms, 321 of them single , 18 AB suite, 14 expert suite; the indoor is equipped with LED TV, air conditioning, telephone, Internet outlets, ground heating, refrigerator (expert suite), with building service facilities: public laundry, public kitchen (with microwave ovens, induction cooker, desk and chair), and the rest area, underground coffee shop, underground multi-function service area (the gym, a convenience store)


About the University Summary

In 2013, the Ministry of Education released the latest appraisal of all the first-level disciplines and RUC got nine disciplines ranked No. 1 in the nation.

Since Renmin University was established, more than 250,000 outstanding RUC alumni have made important contributions in various sectors including government, academia, finance, communication and education.

The vision of RUC is reflected in its logo, which is composed of three “人” (ren), a Chinese character that can be translated into person, human or humanity. The logo stands for “people’s university,” “the spirit of humanism” and “a focus on the humanities and social sciences.” RUC’s vision is to become a world-class university that equips future leaders, produces cutting-edge research and promotes global academic exchange. With the support of a dedicated leadership, its students, faculty and staff, RUC continues to grow in influence as one of the most important trend-setters in Chinese higher education today.

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