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International Master of Business Administration Program (IMBA) of NJU is devoted to cultivate high-level multilateral managerial talents, who specialize in international business management with a global vision and a deep understanding of China.

To create the most stimulating environment possible for all students, IMBA selects a diverse student body, one that not only reflects a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities, but a wide range of personal interests and professional ambitions.

International Master of Business Administration Program (IMBA)

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a. A Bachelor’s Degree with working or relevant intern experience;
b. GMAT is required. Students from non-native English speaking countries also have to submit IELTS or TOFEL score.
c. Pass the examination and interview organized by The School of Business, Nanjing University.


There are two campuses in Nanjing University: Gulou Campus which is located in downtown Nanjing and Xianlin Campus which is located 20 kilometers away from Gulou campus.

Gulou Campus

All non-degree language students and some degree students are assigned to study in Gulou campus. They can apply for XiYuan International Students Dorm. XiYuan offers a twin room for about 50 RMB per person per day, and a single room for about 65 RMB per person per day.

Xianlin  Campus

Some degree students are required to study in Xianlin Campus. The expense of Xinlin International Student Dormitories ranges from 5,000 RMB to 10,000 RMB per year.


Due to the fact that international students’ accommodation planning in Gulou campus is very tight, self-paying students upon arriving can first live in surrounding economical hotels which are convenient and equipped with necessary facilities.

Then students can look into renting an apartment near campus. They can find a decent apartment for around 2,500 RMB a month, and the farther away you live from campus, the cheaper it gets. Apartments can be found with the help of administrative staff, by word of mouth, or through street advertisements and other kinds of advertisements.


About the University Summary

Nanjing University is one of China's key comprehensive universities and it functions directly under the Ministry of Education. It is located in the ancient capital of six dynasties -- Nanjing. The University dates back to 1902 when Sanjiang Normal School was founded, and then evolved as Liangjiang Normal School, Nanjing Higher Normal School, National Southeast University, the Fourth Zhongshan University, and National Central University. On August 8, 1949, the National Central University was renamed National Nanjing University. In October 1950, as required by the Ministry of Education, the name was changed to Nanjing University. In 1952, when a nationwide readjustment of universities took place, some schools, such as the School of Engineering and the School of Agriculture, were separated from the University; meanwhile, the University merged with the School of Liberal Arts and the School of Sciences of the University of Nanking, which was founded in 1888. The new university remained Nanjing University and the campus of Nanjing University moved from Sipailou to Gulou. Today, Nanjing University consists of two campuses, one in Gulou and the other in Pukou with a total area of more than 3,600 mu (nearly 600 acres). It is one of the top universities in China.

Nanjing University is located in the ancient capital of Jinling, which is Zhongling Yuxiu and Hulong Longying. It is a century-old university with a long history and a good reputation. Its predecessor was the Sanjiang Normal School, which was founded in 1902. Since then, it has passed through the historical periods of Liangjiang Normal School, Nanjing Higher Normal School, National Southeast University, National Fourth Sun Yat-sen University, National Central University, National Nanjing University, etc., and was renamed Nanjing in 1950. the University. In 1952, in the adjustment of colleges and universities across the country, Nanjing University adjusted the engineering, agronomy, and teachers and other departments and merged with Jinling University's College of Arts and Sciences, which was founded in 1888, and it is still named Nanjing University. The school site was relocated from Four Arches to the original site of Drum Tower Jinda.

In the course of more than a century of school running, Nanjing University and its predecessor have shared the same fate with the times and shared the fate of the nation, seeking the prosperity of the country and seeking scientific progress, and have made important contributions to the prosperity of the country and the revitalization of the nation. Especially since the reform and opening up, as a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education, Nanjing University has renewed its vitality in new historical opportunities and maintained a good development trend in various fields such as teaching, scientific research and social services. The indicators and comprehensive strength are among the highest in the country's universities. In 1994, Nanjing University was identified as a key university supported by the national "211 Project"; in 1999, Nanjing University entered the ranks of the first batch of high-level universities under the national "985 Project"; in 2006, the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province signed another key agreement Agreement to jointly build Nanjing University; In 2011, the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province signed an agreement to continue to focus on jointly building Nanjing University; in 2016, Nanjing University was selected as the first batch of national-level dual innovation demonstration bases; in 2017, Nanjing University was selected as a class A world-class university Construct a list of colleges and universities, and 15 disciplines have been selected into the list of world-class disciplines.

Nanjing University currently has four campuses of Xianlin, Drum Tower, Pukou, and Suzhou, with 31 directly affiliated departments, with a total of 63,876 students, including 13,129 undergraduates, 14,937 postgraduates, 6,996 doctoral students, and 3205 foreign students . The university has 8 first-level national key disciplines, 13 second-level national key disciplines, 15 “dual-class” construction disciplines, 19 Jiangsu Province ’s superior discipline construction projects in the third phase of project establishment, and Jiangsu Province ’s first-level disciplines and key disciplines. Of which, there are 88 undergraduate majors, 39 first-level disciplines authorized by doctorates, 3 second-level disciplines (excluding first-level discipline coverage), 2 professional doctoral degrees, and first-level disciplines There are 5 points, 28 professional master degree authorization points, 38 post-doctoral mobile stations, 12 national talent training bases for basic disciplines, and 1 national life science and technology training base. There are 1 national laboratory (prepared), 7 national key laboratories, 1 national engineering technology research center, 1 national science and technology resource sharing service platform, 1 national and local joint engineering research center, and 9 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education , 1 Joint Laboratory for International Cooperation of Universities of the Ministry of Education, 3 Engineering Centers of the Ministry of Education, 1 Engineering Technology Research Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, 12 Key (Engineering) Laboratories in Jiangsu Province, 10 Engineering Centers in Jiangsu Province, National 2011 There are 2 collaborative innovation centers, 5 collaborative innovation centers in Jiangsu universities, 4 key research bases in the humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, 1 national high-end think tank construction and cultivation unit, and 1 key high-end think tank in Jiangsu Province.

Nanjing University has a highly qualified faculty, including 28 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 13 academicians elected internationally or in other countries (including 4 members of the Third World Academy of Sciences, 1 member of the Academy of Sciences of the Developing Countries, 1 member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1 member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, 1 member of the European Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2 members of the European Academy of Sciences, 1 member of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences, 1 honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts , 1 French Academy of Communications Fellow), 100 specially-appointed professors of the Yangtze River Scholars Award Program of the Ministry of Education, 25 lecturers, 14 young Yangtze River Scholars, 133 National Outstanding Youth Funds, and outstanding Young Science Fund projects 91 people, 98 chief scientists of major national science and technology major projects, "973 plan", "863 plan", national key research and development plans, etc., 22 members of the discipline review team of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and "10 thousand people plan" technology innovation leader 22, 6 leading talents in philosophy and social sciences, hundreds There are 2 leading talents in Wanwan Engineering, 4 teaching teachers, 21 young top talents, 11 national teaching masters, 34 national candidates for the "Millions of Talents Project" of the Ministry of Education, and 108 young candidates for the "Thousand Talents Program". .

Spring rain, fragrance of peaches and plums. For more than a century, Nanjing University has always adhered to the principle of educating people, and has cultivated and produced many Chinese talents in various historical stages. They have made great achievements in their respective fields. Since the reform and opening up, Nanjing University has explored in many aspects in the reform of education and teaching, and formed many important educational ideas and teaching concepts, which have had an important impact on the higher education community at home and abroad. At present, Nanjing University puts forward the goal of "doing the best undergraduate education in China", adheres to "the integration of discipline construction and undergraduate teaching, the integration of general education and personalized training, the broadening of the foundation and the strengthening of practical integration, learning to learn and human integration. We will continue to deepen the reform of innovative talent training mechanism, and actively cultivate future leaders and top innovative talents with innovative spirit, practical ability and international vision for all walks of life.

The predecessor of Nanjing University is "famous with science". The scientific spirit and tradition of knowing the things and pursuing the truth has always run through the development history of Nanjing University, and has become the most important feature of Nanjing University. Generation after generation of NTU people have been diligently searching, climbing high, forging glory for the country, and benefiting the people, and a large number of outstanding scientific research results have emerged, which have been known at home and abroad. Today, Nanjing University takes the principle of “strengthening applications, focusing on foundations, developing margins, and promoting alliances”, and “basic research is oriented to the international academic frontier, and applied research is oriented to national strategic needs and the main battlefield of national economic construction. And realistic problems "as the guiding ideology, adjust the scientific research layout, strengthen scientific research organization, improve the original scientific research ability and level as a whole, and build Nanjing University into an important scientific research center in China.

Since its establishment at the beginning of the last century, Nanjing University has been one of the most active Chinese universities for international exchanges and cooperation, and has established close collaborative relationships with many world-class universities and high-level scientific research institutions. Among them, the Nanjing University-Hopkins Sino-American Cultural Research Center, which was founded in the 1980s, has been successfully held for more than 30 years. It is the earliest long-term international cooperation project in higher education after China's reform and opening up. The cultural exchange between the United States and the United States has trained a large number of key talents, which have had a huge impact at home and abroad. At present, NTU is vigorously advancing international exchanges and cooperation in a wide range of fields and channels in a new historical situation to comprehensively improve the internationalization of school running.

At present, Nanjing University's undertakings have opened a new century. All NTU students will always maintain their spirit of spirit and Park Mao's honest working style, deeply implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's instructions on "the first NTU", focus on the development of the connotation, and highlight the characteristics of NTU. First-class universities work hard to make greater contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

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