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A Bachelor of Mathematics aims to increase the student’s ability in analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and problem solving that is necessary for work in mathematically oriented careers. Students of Bachelor of Mathematics programs will have a full understanding of theoretical and applied mathematics.

Bachelor’s in Mathematics

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  • Non-Chinese citizen.
  • Be healthy.
  • Senior high school graduation.
  • 18 years old above.
  • HSK level 4 or above.


Ludong University is located in Yantai,a beautiful seaside city in the east of Shandong Peninsula. The university is generally consisted of three campuses:south campus,north campus and east campus. Traffic trunk road  linking Yantai things through the north and south campus. East Campus from the north and South Campus of the 200meters, not too far away. All the international students can live on campus, and accommodation fee is about RMB35~40 per person a day.

  • Unnecessary to book in advance.
  • Rent outside campus is allowed.
  • Offer 24 hours check-in service.
  • Moving in before semetser begins is not allowed, with unlimited duration.
  • Hotel in campus: Yes. Reception and Service Center of Ludong University, tel:0535-6672844
  • At least pay off one month accommodation fee.
  • Either checking in first or registering first is allowed.
  • Tuiton fee, accommodation fee and other expenses should be paid by cash.

North Campus

Ludong university enjoys a beautiful scenery near hills, an A-class fresh atmosphere with advanced facilities and convenient transportation (about 3 kilometers away from the downtown area, 4 kilometers from the seaport and railway station, 15 kilometers from the airport). A reception center, integrated with teaching building, canteen building, International Apartments and Sports facilities, is specially designed for international students, who can enjoy wonderful lectures, delicious food with low price of about 10-20 yuanper day), comfortable accommodations and sport activities there.The address of the north campus is International Students’ Section Foreign Affairs Division, Ludong University 186#, Middle Hongqi Road, Zhifu District, Yanta.


About the University Summary

Minxi, or West Fujian, is the cradle of China’s communist revolution and home to the revolutionary soldiers and generals from 1929 to 1949. It is blessed with lush mountains,pristinewaters, pleasantweather all-year-round,andpicturesque scenery. As the only university in Minxi that providescompleteundergraduate education, Longyan University israpidly growingin the core area of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Longyan Universityis a multi-disciplinary university offering full-time undergraduate programs. Founded as Longyan Teachers College in 1958, it merged with Fujian Resources Industry School in 2001 and was renamed as Longyan University in May 2004.

With a mission to“integrate career-oriented education based on local strengths with regional development”, Longyan University has stayed true to the motto of“Integrity and Diligence”andhasfocused on bolstering local development while supporting provincial, regional and nationalgrowth. It devotes itself to preparing students with the practical skills, solid professional knowledge, as well as a strong, high-quality, and well-rounded education so as to provide technological and intellectual support to the local economic and socialdevelopment.

The school covers an area of nearly 200 acres, with a campus infrastructure of around 92 acres. The total value of its teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is 173 million RMB (USD 26 million).Nestled among beautiful mountains and clear waters, it is known for its pleasing scenery and rankedfourthamong the online election of“Most Beautiful Universities of Fujian”.

The 12secondary collegesoffer41 majors which involve eight fields of study, including literature, science, engineering, economics, management, education, agronomy, and arts.Currently there are nearly 12,000 full-time undergraduate students. With a talent-driven development strategy, the University has constantly improved the ranks of its faculty by introducing and sharing talents, and strengthening their competence. It has placed great importance on cultivating faculty to be adept at both theoretical and practical teachings, and has built a group of over 600 faculty members.

The University Combines resources over and above the ordinary to deliver one of the greatest education systems in the world. Get detailed information about their campus, departments, and application time schedules by downloading the brochure. Apply to speak with your personal Program Advisor.

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