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This program aims to cultivate talents who can adapt to the demands of modern global society. The qualified graduates shall understand general Chinese knowledge, Chinese economic and trade situation as well as Chinese culture. They shall master knowledge and abilities in management, economy, law and computer, etc., and are competitive in working at business companies and government departments with high innovation and application abilities

Bachelor of Business Administration (in English)

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  • Company law
  • Investment
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Management
  • Management Information System
  • Strategic Management for Enterprises
  • Introduction to E-Commerce
  • Management Communication

Above applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens in good health, Non-criminal Record foreigners who guarantee to observe Chinese disciplines and laws, obey the university rules and regulations and respect Chinese culture and customs during his/her study in P.R. China.

Under the age of 30 with High School or Middle School Certificate or Diploma.

Applicants for Chinese-taught Programs must hold HSK4 Certificate or above.

Applicants for the above English-taught Programs, Chinese proficiency is not required. But, either TOEFL (above 80) or IELTS (above 5.5) or the related Certification must be provided to meet the university requirement.


The university provides 20 dormitories nearby the campus for international students.  Each room is about 22 square meters, equipped with IC card telephone, refrigerator, air-conditioner, water heater, drinking water machine,  furniture, bedding, internet access and washing machine for public use. 3 or 4 bedrooms are in a separate suite, which has a sitting room and bathroom for public use.

There is a service room on the first floor of the dormitory building, provides extra key service, IC phone card selling, and other necessary assistance. The dormitory building closes at 23:00 from Sunday to Friday.

Fees: RMB900 per month or RMB30 per day for a single room.


About the University Summary

Hangzhou Dianzi University is a teaching and research university with outstanding electronic information characteristics and obvious advantages in economics and management disciplines. Engineering, science, economics, management, literature, law, art and other disciplines interpenetrate. The school was founded in 1956 and was first named Hangzhou Aviation Industry School of Finance and Economics, and then went through the Hangzhou Aviation Industry School, Zhejiang Electrical Engineering College, Zhejiang Machinery Industry School, Hangzhou Radio Industry Management School, Hangzhou Radio Industry School, etc., and was approved by the State Council in 1980. alterations to the Hangzhou Institute of Electronics industry, 2003 Nian former Hangzhou publishing entirety school, 2004 changed its name to Hangzhou University of electronic Science and Technology. The school has been affiliated to the central ministries and commissions such as the Second Machinery Industry Ministry, the Fourth Machinery Industry Ministry, the Electronics Industry Ministry, and the Information Industry Ministry. In 2000 , Zhejiang Province and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly established a school management system focusing on Zhejiang Province. In 2007 , it became a university jointly established by Zhejiang Province and the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Commission. In 2015 , it was listed as a key university in Zhejiang Province. The school insists on being based on Zhejiang, relying on industry, facing the world, serving the society, and supporting national defense, adhering to the fine tradition of "unity, hard work, pragmatism and innovation", carrying forward the school motto of "adhering to academic performance, keeping up with new ideas", and forming distinctive school characteristics.

School campus environment beautiful, picturesque, are located Xiasha, a text, Dongyue, Xiasha East and Castle Lake 5 campuses, covers an area of 2500 acres; consists of 20 colleges and teaching units held 1 independent colleges There are more than 25,000 full-time students and more than 2,300 faculty and staff . The school has a complete talent training system such as undergraduate education, graduate education, overseas student education, and continuing education. There are currently 59 undergraduate majors, 2 national comprehensive reform pilot majors, and 6 Ministry of Education “Outstanding Engineer Education and Training Programs”. Pilot majors, seven national specialty specialty construction sites, and two key national defense specialty majors are the only universities in the province with key national defense specialty majors. Four majors have passed engineering education major certification. Offers 6 PhD authorize one level academic, 4 post-doctoral research station, 1 a postdoctoral research stations, 18 level disciplines authorized a master's degree, 75 secondary discipline master's degree authorization centers, 9 professional degree in engineering fields Granting authority, with a master's degree in accounting (MPAcc ), Master of Business Administration ( MBA ), Master of Applied Statistics, Master of International Business, Master of Chinese International Education, Master of Auditing Professional Degree, Master of Fine Arts Professional Degree, Master of Finance Professional Degree Granting Power and Equivalent Academic Ability Incumbents have the right to apply for a master's degree, with the right to waive and IELTS. Has 4 national defense characteristic disciplines, 2 Zhejiang Province top priority disciplines, 2 Zhejiang Province top priority disciplines, 4 Zhejiang Province top disciplines ( A category), 7 Zhejiang Province top disciplines ( B category) , 1 Zhejiang province philosophy social science research base, 1 Zhejiang province humanities and social science research base, 19 Zhejiang province key disciplines. After years of construction and development, the school has developed into an important base for talent cultivation, scientific research, social services, and cultural inheritance and innovation in Zhejiang Province. The indicators of school scale, level, quality, and efficiency are among the top universities in Zhejiang Province.

The school has a high-level teaching and research team led by experts at the national and ministerial level and well-known scholars with outstanding academic accomplishments, and young and middle-aged expert professors and doctors. The school has more than 2,300 faculty and staff, more than 1,600 full-time teachers, more than 290 senior professional titles, and more than 1,100 teachers with doctorates . Academicians have 3 names, Zhejiang super expert 2 people, national outstanding young experts with 4 people, the National Outstanding Youth Fund winners 4 people, chief expert of the National Social Science major project 2 , the state new century millions of Talents Project 5 people, young Changjiang scholar 2 people, outstanding young science foundation holders 2 people, new century excellent talents support Program 13 people, Zhejiang Province, outstanding contributions of young expert 6 people, Zhejiang Province, "Qianjiang scholar" Professor 15 people . It has a national " 111 Program" discipline innovation talent recruitment base 1 , provincial academician expert workstation 1 Ge.

The school has strong scientific research strength, participated in and completed a series of national key research projects from the “Sixth Five-Year Plan” to “Twelfth Five-Year Plan ”, high-tech research projects such as “ 973 ” and “ 863 ”, and national and provincial fund research projects. Funding exceeds 100 million yuan. In recent years, the school won the National Science and Technology Progress Award 4 , the State Invention Prize 2 , the National Natural Science Award two prize 1 , won the "National Information Industry Science and Technology Innovation advanced collective" title. Zhejiang Province Smart City Research Center (Zhejiang " 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center"), Zhejiang Information and Economic and Social Development Research Center (Zhejiang Key Research Base of Philosophy and Social Sciences), Zhejiang Higher Education Research Institute, Ocean Engineering Research Center, Microelectronics Research Center, China Finance Cloud Service Research Institute, Bio 3D Printing and Medical Device Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science and Education Evaluation, Zhejiang Province Management Accounting Application Innovation Research Center, Zhejiang ( Hangzhou ) Innovative Materials Research Institute and other batches of science and technology education research platform. At present, the school has established stable scientific and technological cooperation relations with hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises, and has become a highland for scientific and technological innovation and achievement transformation in Zhejiang Province, and has achieved good economic and social benefits.

The school adheres to the "people-oriented, pursuit of excellence" concept of educating people and is committed to training high-quality talents with national feelings, international perspectives, innovative spirit and practical ability. 10 national teaching achievement awards . Existing national training model innovation experimental zone 1 Ge, is approved by the Ministry of Education Excellence engineer training program university education. The school has a strong style of study and outstanding academic competition results. In the past five years, it has won more than 200 national second-class awards in top national discipline competitions such as the Challenge Cup, Internet + , electronic design, mathematical modeling, ACM programming, and smart cars . He has rushed to the ACM International College Student Program Design Competition Global Finals four times , and has won international awards such as the United States Mathematical Modeling Contest Special Award. The number of winners and the number of patents held by students at provincial level and above ranks first among provincial universities. 2017 years of the 41 th ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals get global ranking tied for 20 ; of the 12 th National College "NXP" smart car race Cup National Finals won first prize in the country ranked first in the number of colleges and universities.

For more than 60 years, the school has won the National Teaching Achievement Award for its teaching practice in the area of compound IT talent training for five consecutive years. The school has successively sent more than 160,000 talents to the country and society . Many alumni have become domestic electronics companies such as Alibaba, China Power Panda, Changhong, Hisense, Haier, Skyworth, SMIC, Xiamen Hongfa, Beixinyuan, BOE, etc. According to statistics , nearly one-third of the top 100 IT companies in the country are our alumni. The school has been hailed as "the cradle of IT entrepreneurs" and "fertile soil for outstanding accountants." The graduates of the school have solid basic knowledge and strong hands-on ability, and have been well received by employers and all sectors of society. The initial employment rate of graduates and the proportion of graduate admissions have always been among the top universities in Zhejiang province. It has the highest admissions scores in 30 provinces and municipalities across the country . According to a third-party survey, our university's graduate salaries, career stability, domestic and foreign college admission rates, and loyalty to its alma mater are all in the leading position in the province. The school is the "National Advanced Collective for Graduate Employment Work in General Colleges and Universities" and "National Typical Employment Experience College for Graduates".

The school is the first batch of pilot units for the construction of cultural campuses in Zhejiang Province. The campus culture is colorful and distinctive. It owns a number of national cultural brands such as network culture, original music culture, volunteer service culture, and discipline competition culture. Every year, it conducts dozens of cultures, such as the "University Way" humanities lecture hall, "Colorful Xiasha" elegant art scene, and community cultural festivals. Thematic activities, as well as a number of academic themed activities, such as the Science and Technology Culture Festival and the Graduate IT Innovation Academic Forum. Many famous masters at home and abroad, such as Jin Yong, Wang Meng, Zelten (Nobel Prize winner in economics), Li Changyu, have come to school to exchange views with teachers and students. The campus environment is beautiful, and the "Hangdian Ten Scenic Spots" such as Shuhaifenghe and Yahu Yunying are picturesque.

The school has first-class facilities, including modern teaching buildings, laboratories, science and technology halls, stadiums, and culture . There are 14 provincial and ministerial key laboratories, including the Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education's Engineering Research Center for the Integration of Detection Instruments and Automation Systems, the Ministry of Education, the 3 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, and the 1 national level. Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center, 10 Zhejiang Province Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers, 4 Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Public Technology Platforms, 1 Zhejiang Engineering Laboratory (Engineering Research Center), 2 Zhejiang International Science and Technology Cooperation Bases, 1 Zhejiang Province "2011 collaborative innovation Center", a new university think tank Zhejiang Province (Zhejiang information technology development Research Center), based on advanced manufacturing technology in order to cultivate a network of people was based engineering training center. The school has an advanced network information platform, a complete campus network infrastructure, and a comprehensive public platform for teaching and research laboratories and services. The school's operating conditions are at the advanced level of universities in Zhejiang province and similar universities in China.

The university has a wide range of external cooperation and exchanges.It has established friendly relations with well-known universities in more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, France, and Japan , and has carried out doctoral, master, and undergraduate joint training programs and masters. Substantive cooperation such as undergraduate Sino-foreign cooperative education programs. The school vigorously develops education for foreign students in China, with a wide range of enrollment countries. The level of education covers education for non-degree students and non-degree students. In response to the country ’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, the school has set up a “Special Program for International Student Enrollment Scholarships for Countries along the Belt and Road”, and the number and quality of international students in China have increased year by year. The school has international scientific and technological cooperation platforms and research teams such as China, the United States, China, Russia, China, Germany, China, France, China, Australia, China, Finland, China, Japan, China and Belarus. It has extensively carried out international science and technology cooperation and academic exchanges. Cultural and educational experts are teaching in the school, and nearly 1,000 outstanding university students are sent to study abroad or in short-term and long-term studies, and nearly 100 teachers are sent to study abroad in overseas universities.

At present, in the face of new development opportunities and challenges, Hangzhou Dianzi University will adhere to its own school running characteristics and serve the major needs of the country and society. With the spirit of reform and innovation and the pursuit of excellence, it will accelerate the development of connotative development and focus on improving the comprehensive strength and core of the school. Competitiveness, vigorously cultivate high-quality talents, promote scientific and technological development and economic and social development, and strive to build distinctive, high-level domestic research and teaching universities

The University Combines resources over and above the ordinary to deliver one of the greatest education systems in the world. Get detailed information about their campus, departments, and application time schedules by personal program advisor. Apply now if you have not applied yet to Speak with a Program Advisor. Download now for more information

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