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Physiology of Flowering Physiology of Fruit Growth and Development Advanced Post harvest Physiology Complemental Plant Nutrition Extraction and Measurement Methods of Organic and Inorganic Material Complemental Biochemistry Methods of Progressive Statistic Complemental of Agricultural Experimental Design Usage of Computer in Statistic Analysis Plant Biotechnology Cytogenetic Seminar (1) Effect of Environmental Stress on Plants Molecular Genetic New Subjects in Floriculture New Subjects in Olericulture New Subjects in Pomology Progressive Landscape Design Vine Plant Physiology Intercropping Systems in Horticultural Plants Biology of Mushroom Production- Special Problems in Horticulture Seminar (2) Rootstock Physiology of Fruit Trees Physiology of Flower and Ornamental Plants Thesis

PhD in Promology

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  • 1) Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens holding a foreign passport under 50 years old.
  • 2) Applicants should be in good health and character and respect Chinese habits and customs, willing to abide by both Chinese Law & regulations and School rule & regulations.
  • 3)  Applicants for Doctoral Degrees should hold a qualification which is equivalent (or above) to a Master’s degree from a Chinese university.
  • 4) Applicants who are non-native English speakers should provide a certificate of their English proficiency.


Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University committed to provide students comfortable and economical accommodation, with single room and double room. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioner, TV set, telephone, 24hs hot water, internet, desk, and chair. Along with the perfect location, international students could enjoy their campus life and beauty of historical city. The price of a room depends on the type of the room. Water and electricity should be paid by international students.


About the University Summary

Gansu Agricultural University (GAU) is situated on the picturesque Yellow River bank in Anning District of Lanzhou.
Its predecessor was the National Veterinary College founded in Lanzhou in October 1946, and then merged
with the Gansu Agricultural College in preparations to establish Gansu Agricultural University in 1958. There
are more than 1,500,000 volumes, including 2,560 journals in Chinese and foreign languages in the library.
The campus, covering 879,762.7 h㎡ of land.

GAU has 16 colleges, 51 bachelor degree programs, 1 State Key Discipline, 1 Key Discipline of State Ministry
of Agriculture and 12 Provincial Key Disciplines. 3 Post-Doctoral Research Stations, 22 Ph. D programs,
62 Master’s Degree programs, and 48 Bachelor’s Degree programs. GAU has 29 research institutes and 39
labs that provide substantial support to academic activities.

The University Combines resources over and above the ordinary to deliver one of the greatest education systems in the world. Get detailed information about their campus, departments, and application time schedules by downloading the brochure. Apply to speak with your personal Program Advisor.

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