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Solid mechanics is a classical engineering science that spans from basic to applied science. It can be regarded as a link between material science and applied mechanics with emphasis on the latter. Solid mechanics deals with the mechanical properties of materials and structures. The education involves in-depth studies in one of the solid mechanics research areas through balanced training in theoretical and numerical methods as well as experimental work

PhD in Solid Mechanics

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  • 1. Non-Chinese citizen
  • 2. Age below 40 years old and in good health
  • 3. Bachelor & Master Degree diplomas and transcripts
  • 4. TOEFL or IELTS Certificate, or English-Medium certification issued by graduated university


SIE Provides international students with comfortable apartments at the prices of at least 900 RMB/room/month (rent for at least three months). Rooms are facilitated with internet access, television and bathroom with 24-hour hot water. On each floor,there are public kitchen and laundry for International students. Students can live on campus too. Students can choose home-stay  after they negotiated with the host family, which offered a separate room, breakfast and supper.

  • Dorms are given to students who arrive earlier
  • Rent outside campus is allowed
  • Moving in 2-3 days before registration is allowed
  • Hotel in campus: No
  • Pay by month, but 3 month accommodation fees should be paid at the first time of check-in
  • Both Degree students and Language students are accepted by Dalian University of Technology. The university, in the southwest of Dalian, is close to Dongbei University of Finance and Economics, but far away from the downtown(about 10 kilometers).


About the University Summary

Dongguan Institute of Technology is the first ordinary undergraduate college in Dongguan, jointly built by provinces and cities, with the city as the main, and Dr. Yang Zhenning, the Nobel Prize winner in physics, serves as the honorary principal. The school was organized in 1990, established in April 1992 with the approval of the original State Education Commission, and changed to an undergraduate full-time general college in March 2002 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It was approved as a bachelor degree-granting unit in May 2006 and was advanced in May 2008 Participated in the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education and passed it with good results. In June 2010, it was approved as the first batch of Ministry of Education "Outstanding Engineer Education Training Plan" implementation colleges with 61 universities such as Tsinghua University. In 2012, it was approved as " "Guangdong International Science and Technology Cooperation Base" was identified as a key high-tech university construction unit supported by Guangdong Province in September 2015, and was newly added as a master's degree-granting unit in May 2018. In May 2018, the school opened the first "Yang Zhenning Innovation Class" in China. In October 2018, the International Joint Graduate School was established. In November 2018, the University University Science and Technology Park was selected as the "National University Science and Technology Park Cultivation Unit". The only province in the province to jointly build a new model high-tech university model school. Starting from 2019, the school will independently enroll postgraduate students in three degrees: computer science and technology (first-level discipline), resources and environment (professional degree), and machinery (professional degree). Raising more than 630 million yuan of social donation education development funds (including cash and in-kind), the alumni association 2019 China University Social Donation ranked 34th.

There are two campuses of Songshan Lake and Guancheng, of which Songshan Lake Campus is located at No. 1 University Road, Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of ​​more than 1,800 acres (including 370 acres of international cooperation and innovation zone); Guancheng Campus is located in Guan No. 251 Xueyuan Road, Urban District, covering an area of ​​more than 330 acres; more than 1,600 faculty members, including more than 180 people with high professional titles, more than 370 deputy high professional titles, and more than 750 doctors; there are nearly 20,000 ordinary full-time students, continue It has educated nearly 22,000 students, and has so far trained about 110,000 local talents. About 80% of the graduates have stayed in Dongguan for employment and entrepreneurship, and they have trained about 120,000 people in society.

The library has a total construction area of ​​45020 square meters, with a cumulative collection of 2.01 million books, 95 databases, 1.72 million e-books and other digital resources; built a 10-Gigabit bandwidth backbone and two 40G backbones, basically achieving a Gigabit bandwidth to the desktop IPV6 campus Internet, 38,000 information points, a wireless campus network covering the whole school, more than 6,600 APs, 115G of export bandwidth, rich, convenient and fast service information system.

The school has 17 experimental teaching centers, 10 of which are provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers; it has established a discipline and professional system focusing on engineering, with the coordinated development of management, literature, science, economics, law, education and other disciplines. ; There are 18 colleges and 55 undergraduate majors. The school recruits students from 28 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions, and special administrative regions) nationwide, and recruits the first batch of undergraduate students in 13 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions).

The University Combines resources over and above the ordinary to deliver one of the greatest education systems in the world. Get detailed information about their campus, departments, and application time schedules by downloading the brochure. Apply to speak with your personal Program Advisor.

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