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What is Aerospace Engineering? [Definition]

Aerospace Engineering is a result of a continual desire by humanity to make this world a better place than ever. The Continuation of Research and Development from generation to generation gave birth to Aerospace Engineering, and it’s a fascinating discipline. Aerospace engineering is simply defined as “the design, creation, and maintenance of aircraft and associated inventions like space shuttles, military artilleries, and other related weaponry classifications. Aerospace Engineering Students will focus mainly on safety, system efficiency, budgeting, sustainability, Quality Control, and supply chain management”.
As an Aerospace Graduate, you will be faced with the choice of selecting the research and development (R&D), testing efficiency of systems, and or maintenance side of the Aerospace Engineering Profession. International students and Graduates who successfully complete the study of Aerospace Engineering have technical skills in budgeting, cost control, quality control, process review, and manufacturing skills. Are you eager to contribute to making this industry even better through innovation? Apply to study Aerospace Engineering as a bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.


Why Study Aerospace Engineering?

Graduates who studied Aerospace Engineering will work in a team of Engineers across the globe which makes this field of study very interesting. You will acquire various skills and are able to progress to the highest level of study.

  • The knowledge acquired allows you to divert to other fields like Mechanical and Finance fields
  • Innovation and change! Aerospace is a dynamic and ever-changing field and not boring at all
  • Properly established career path and study pathways- You are guaranteed a well-structured study and career path on your way to the top

Who Should Study Aerospace Engineering?

Though a very fascinating field, not all students should venture Aerospace Engineering. Several universities offer degrees in aerospace engineering from bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. levels and there are properly laid course contents you should review before applying to study Aerospace Engineering.

  • You should be mathematically inclined
  • Students in this field are curious and opened to change
  • If you are interested in other aspects of Engineering, this field offers a pathway into other fields
  • If you enjoy working in a team, Aerospace might serve your interest

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Requirements to Study Aerospace Engineering

Admission to study Aerospace Engineering is very competitive. You are required to have studied Physics, mathematics, and other related courses to stand a good chance. Though universities offer similar course contents, it is ideal that you check with each university and understand their requirements before applying.

  • High grades in Physics and Mathematics to qualify into top universities.
  • Applicants should demonstrate a good knowledge of technology, analysis and problem solving, and understanding of the industry.
  • Entry requirements range from CCC to A*AA, with the universities and colleges most commonly asking for A*AA.

Aerospace Engineering Course Content

According to MIT, Aerospace Engineering programs include specific courses across-board. You may start with the social sciences and humanities and later study the technical details. It begins with introductory models and later moves to specialties.

  • stress and dynamics, fluid mathematics and thermodynamics,
  • Aerospace Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Automatic Control
  • numerical and experimental methods, solid mechanics, Human Systems Engineering
  • structural mechanics, airframe design, design optimization,
  • flight dynamics and control, flight testing and analysis,
  • Flight Vehicle Development Computer-aided engineering and gas dynamics.
study aerospace engineering

Aerospace Engineering Study Pathway

Aerospace Engineering has a mature and well-structured study pathway for students. There are several routes to become an Aerospace Engineer but they all lead to the same career. Depending on where you start.

Aerospace Engineering Career Pathway

If you Graduate a bachelor’s or a Master’s Degree in aerospace Engineering, there are several career options opened to you. Due to the versatile nature of the program, you may opt for other industries but there are several opportunities.

  • Aeronautical engineer
  • Aeronautical researcher
  • Aeronautical designer
  • Aeronautical maintenance technician
  • Aeronautical consultant
  • Commercial Aerospace Engineers
  • Spacecraft Designers
  • Inspectors and Compliance Officers
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Study Aerospace Engineering Abroad

Aerospace and aeronautical engineering are one of the most interesting courses to study abroad and there are several reasons to back this point. The entire work of an Engineer is to collaborate, communicate, and innovate in a team of like-minded engineers. Your ability to understand and communicate is a different culture goes a long way to impact your success In the world of work. Studying abroad is essential to exposing you to real cultural insights that you may not get in your home country. You are likely to secure a scholarship abroad to complete your studies rather than if you decide to study in your home country

  • Quality universities – When you study abroad, it’s possible to enroll in top universities offering aerospace engineering or disciplines related to aeronautical engineering. Most of these universities are ranked as top tier universities.
  • Learn the new international language – As you will be communicating as an engineer, it is essential to learn a new language in addition to what you already know. It adds value to your profile and positions you as a great engineer
  • Internship opportunities – hen you study out of your home country, its possible to apply for and secure internships abroad without a hassle. There are several opportunities for international students to study Engineering and practice on real projects in China
  • Job opportunities – After graduation, its easier to find a job that fit your career aspirations – especially in countries where there so much economic development like China, USA, UK, and other European countries
  • A strong community of international students – When you study abroad, you will meet a strong international student community. You will make new friends, start a business together or even help each other in the future
  • Affordable Opportunities – it is not too expensive to study abroad. There are so many opportunities to study aerospace engineering abroad even for free.

Aerospace Engineering Internships

To get a good job in Aerospace Engineering after you graduate, it is very important that you are able to display previous experiences. It is competitive out there after graduation. The strategy to keep your profile ahead of your peers is to work as an Engineering intern. You can then prove to future employers that you have what it takes to deliver and add value to their operations.

  • During internships, you can network for future opportunities within the company you are interning or the industry.
  • You can also get credit for taking internships while you study. Please contact your career & academic office for support before acting on this tip
  • You will work on real Engineering projects- these experiences are ideal during the interview. You also get to practice what you learned
  • You acquire transferable skills as an intern- You cannot acquire all skills in the classroom especially corporate ethics, communication skills, teamwork, and some important ones but internships will immerse you into corporate settings
  • Summer engineering internships, Semester internships, or even yearlong internships are ideal for you to pick relevant skills.

FAQs on Engineering Study & Career

Engineering Scholarship Tips (Best Practice)

In order to enhance your chances of securing a scholarship to study in China or abroad, start the process earlier at least a year ahead. Research and ask enough questions. Attestation, translation, and other requirements demand time. Applicants who can finish their entire process before the end of Each year January stand a better chance – Plan ahead, speak with our staff now!

Top Universities Offering Aerospace Engineering Programs in China

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