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Student Rents

Cost For International Students to Rent Apartment in China

Want to know how much it will cost you to rent a decent room for your study in China? There is no straight answer as the Cost of student rooms depend on the type of accommodation they select and facilities in the room. Starting from as low as $150 per month per occupant to $1200, students could find rooms. You Could Busget as Follows

  1. On Campus Accommodation– Students should expect vey affordable prices and rental charges usuall averaging arou $500 (3000 RMB) per month  including water, heating, electricity, gas and cooking facilities
  2. Off Campus Shared Apartment– Estimate cost of about $200 to $1200 and usual comes fully furnished but excludes utility bills
  3. Private Apartments –  These are prime properties and could command higher prices depending on the
  4. City Category determines prices as its known all over the world. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen could command higher prices but secon tier cities like Qingdao, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hagzhou etc could be surprisingly cheap

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Private Apartment for International Students

What is the average cost to rent private Apartment for International Students in China?

Student accommodation rents and fees are payable in instalments at preagreed diversity terms. Most students pay their fees by monthly or semester basis, which is icluded when you accept your offer of accommodation using application. Alternatively payments can be once off and cleared against the set term of accommodation contract.

Students who opt for private apartments off-campus should refer to contract terms for payment. Quarterly, semi-annually are the most preferred payment terms by most property owners


How to Make Paments For Apartment

There are several ways to make payment to property owners when settling your rent for the year, semester or even summer. There is usually no order to make recurrent payments so students should know when their payments are due and make funds available or pay cash.

Here are payment options 

  • Bank Transfer
  • Alipay
  • Wechat Pay
  • Cash Payment

Continuing Undergraduates and New Postgraduates will need to make a prepayment when they accept their offer.  If you no longer wish to take up your place in halls there are refund processes you need to follow.


What’s Included in the Fees?

Your accommodation fees include:

  • All your bills (gas, electric, water) – for universities only
  • Wi-Fi and high speed internet connection – Campus accommodation only
  • Metro / Subway pass* – available at extra cost in all accommodations
  • 24 hour support and services
  • 24 hour security
  • Variety of on-site facilities (e.g. common rooms )
  • Contents insurance (depending on possessions you wish to insure you may need to purchase additional cover)

Guidelines on Applying for University Accommodation

#2 Other Considerations

Accommodation Guarantee

International students who have already secured admission with scholarship are guaranteed accommodation. Fee Paying students who are applying for campus dormiories should apply early enough to secure their rooms

Visiting and exchange students

If you are coming to study in China for a short term (Summer, Semester, Year study abroad etc)  you should apply for accommodation well ahead of time. Our staff will assist you with bookings and arrangements on paid services

Disability and medical support

Chinese Uiversities provide specially adapted accommodation to suit students with disabilities and medical requirements where possible. Before you start your application for accommodation You should disclose all these requirements early enough to avoid being matched to a room that does not meet your status

Private Apartments / Off-Campus Options

If your decision is to go with accommodation options of campus, we have a comprehensive service information on how to make the right decision and choice. Speak wih our staff via our free consulting service

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