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The PhD in Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control at Zhejiang University (ZJU) is a three year program for international students taught in English.

PhD in Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control

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  • Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health with no infectious disease or any physical or mental diseases that may affect the normal study, have a master’s degree and be under the age of 45 (Age limit is flexible for healthy applicants with certain work experience and high academic ability).
  • There are no Chinese language proficiency requirements for the applicants of English-taught programs, but they (except for English native speakers) must have an internet-based TOEFL test score 90 or IELTS test score 6.5 (or above).


Zhejiang University possesses different types of International Student Dormitories with different conditions and specifications. The accommodation standard for international undergraduates is double room or quadruple room. During the period of schooling, university may adjust students’ accommodated campus according to accommodation resources.


About the University Summary

Zhejiang University (ZJU) is one of China’s leading higher education institutions, as well as one of its oldest; its roots can be traced back to 1897 and the founding of the Qiushi Academy.

Located in Hangzhou – one of China’s most picturesque cities – the university is organised across seven faculties and 36 schools. It is home to 3,500 full-time academic members of staff and around 45,000 students undergraduates, of which around 60 per cent opt to pursue further studies. More facts and figures here.

High ambitions

Laying claim to several areas of research strength, ZJU currently ranks within the top 100 universities in the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.

The institution prides itself on a culture of innovation and creativity, and has significantly invested in the development of cutting-edge specialisms in order to encourage both. Manned spaceflight, assembly technology for large aircraft, clean energy, marine technology, industrial control technology, and global public health initiatives related to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, have all benefitted from the recent investment.

ZJU is also renowned for the number of business start-ups it gives rise to. Over 100 of its alumni sit at the helm of domestic or overseas listed companies, while a further 200 have been elected members of the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, making Zhejiang University synonymous with entrepreneurship and leadership.

Other innovative developments include the creation of a high-level platform for intellectual property exchange, as well as the formation of a number of think-tanks, including the China Academy of Western Region Development, the National Research Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, and the Institute for Public Policy, which exists to extend the scope of ZJU’ss social sciences’ research.

Global Outlook

Zhejiang University has strategic partnerships in place with 140 overseas institutions from more than 30 countries worldwide. Included among them are such leading institutions as Imperial College London, Princeton University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

With a cohort of 6,000 international students, and around 8,000 teachers and students who participate annually in its various overseas exchange programmes, ZJU prides itself on the strength of its global outlook.

In collaboration with the Universities of Edinburgh and Illinois it has also established the ZJU-UoE and ZJU-UIUC Institutes on the international Haining Campus, and boasts an overseas presence at Imperial College London, with future plans to establish a China-US Business School with the University of Pennsylvania.

Chief among Zhejiang’s aims is the aspiration to become a world-class university, one that simultaneously retains a distinctively Chinese character, where tradition and modernity are successfully combined.

Zhejiang University is a university with a long history and a high reputation. It is located in Hangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China and a scenic tourist destination. Qiushi College, the predecessor of Zhejiang University, was founded in 1897, and it is one of the earliest new-style colleges and universities in China. In 1928, it was named National Zhejiang University. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, Zhejiang University moved to the west, set up schools in Zunyi, Meitan, and other places for seven years, and moved back to Hangzhou in the fall of 1946. When the national colleges and universities were readjusted in 1952, some departments of Zhejiang University were transferred to brother colleges and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. , Zhejiang Agricultural University and Zhejiang Medical University. In 1998, the four universities with the same roots merged to form the new Zhejiang University, and embarked on a new journey of building a world-class university. While General Secretary Xi Jinping was in charge of Zhejiang, he personally contacted Zhejiang University and had 18 visits to guide him. He made a series of important instructions for the reform and development of the school, and described the grand blueprint for building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics at a high level. In the course of running for more than 120 years, Zhejiang University has always adhered to the fine tradition of "seeking truth and innovation" as its motto, taking the world as its responsibility and relying on the truth, and gradually formed the "University of Diligence, Morality, Discernment, and Reality" The common values ​​of people and the spirit of Zhejiang University are "Haina Rivers, Qizhen Houde, the former people, and the nation."

Zhejiang University is a comprehensive, research, and innovative university with distinctive characteristics and great influence at home and abroad. Its disciplines cover philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, art, science, and engineering. , Agriculture, medicine, management and other twelve categories. It has 7 faculties, 37 professional colleges (departments), 1 engineering college, 2 Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools, and 7 affiliated hospitals. The school has 7 campuses including Zijingang, Yuquan, Xixi, Huajiachi, Zhijiang, Zhoushan, Haining, etc., covering an area of ​​5,907,761 square meters, the total building area of ​​the school building is 2,746,377 square meters, and the library has a total collection of 7.778 million volumes. As of the end of 2018, Zhejiang University has 54641 full-time students (including 25425 undergraduates, 19038 graduate students and 10178 doctoral students), and 7074 international students (including 4409 international students studying for degrees). There are 8,909 faculty members (among them: 3741 full-time teachers), among whom are 45 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (including dual appointments), 10 senior professors of the liberal arts, and special appointments (lecture) by the Yangtze River Scholars Award Program of the Ministry of Education 121 professors and 133 winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. In the "double first-class" construction list announced by the state, the school was selected as a first-class university construction university (Class A), and 18 disciplines were selected as first-class construction disciplines, ranking third in the country. According to data released by ESI in May 2019, 8 disciplines of the school entered the top 1 ‰ of the world's academic institutions, ranking first in the country's universities; 1 discipline entered the top 10,000th of the world's academic institutions, and 8 disciplines entered The world's academic institutions rank among the top 100, both ranking second in the country's universities; five disciplines have entered the world's academic institutions ranked in the top 50, ranking third in the country's universities.

Zhejiang University closely focuses on the core requirements of "combination of morals and talents and comprehensive development", comprehensively implements the fundamental tasks of Ledder, and strives to train high-quality innovative talents and leaders with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor, and global competitiveness. In the long-term school running process, a large number of well-known scientists, cultural masters and elite leaders from all walks of life emerged. Among the alumni, more than 200 were elected academicians of the two academies. The school always maintains its educational thinking that keeps pace with the times, and the reform of education and teaching modes has taken the lead in universities in the country; rich campus culture, advanced teaching facilities and extensive international exchanges have created superior conditions for student growth. The initial employment rate of the 2018 graduates reached 97.64%, and the undergraduate graduates at home and abroad reached 60.30%.

Zhejiang University attaches great importance to academic research and scientific and technological innovation, and has built a group of open and international high-end academic platforms, bringing together academic masters and high-level research teams from various disciplines. In recent years, the main scientific research indicators such as the number of invention patents authorized by the school, the number of authoritative academic journal papers published, and the total funding for scientific research have maintained the leading position in universities in the country, and have achieved fruitful results in the fields of science, technology, humanities and social sciences. The school actively connects with major national and regional strategic needs, and strives to create high-level sources of innovation, talent pumps and think tanks. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the school has won 1 National Science and Technology Progress Special Award, 7 First Prizes, and 40 Second Prizes as the lead unit; Chinese Paintings, Chinese Collection, Dunhuang Studies and other cultures Inheriting innovations has had a wide impact at home and abroad.

"State-owned equals, on the coast of Zhejiang." Today's Zhejiang University adheres to Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics as the guide, upholds the spirit of seeking innovation, is committed to spreading and creating knowledge, promoting and leading culture, serving and contributing to society, and unswervingly accelerates the entry into Chinese characteristics. Striving for the ranks of world-class universities and striving towards the forefront of the world-class universities, we have made outstanding contributions to achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and promoting the progress of human civilization.

The University Combines resources over and above the ordinary to deliver one of the greatest education systems in the world. Get detailed information about their campus, departments, and application time schedules by the personal program advisor. Apply now if you have not applied yet downloading the brochure. Apply to speak with your

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