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The Digital Geological Science  program focuses on digital geological map data available.  It ranges from national (small-scale) to detailed (large-scale) resolutions with the availability of the five geological themes.

Digital Geological Science

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1. Aged 18 or above

2. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.

3. Hold a Master’s degree.



Jilin University is located in Changchun, Jilin province. It has six campuses: Qianwei Campus, Chaoyang Campus, Xinmin Campus, Nanhu Campus, Nanling Campus and Heping Campus. Bus stops, bank, post office, shops, and restaurants are all within walking distance from the apartments.

The international students are assigned to the nearest according to their professions. The school does not accept reservations. All the international students can live in a double room. And every room is equipped with private bathroom with shower, desk and chair, wardrobe in the building. Also all the rooms are equipped with bedding.

Room Price

All the international students can live in a double room, and accommodation price is about RMB 25-35 per person a day.


About the University Summary

Jilin University is a national key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education. It is located in Changchun, Jilin Province. The school was founded in 1946, and was listed as a national key university in 1960. It became one of the first 22 universities to establish graduate schools in 1984. It was first approved by the State Education Commission's "211 Project" in 1995 and was included in "2001" “985 Project” is a national key university. In 2004, it was approved as a school directly managed by the central government. In 2017, it was selected as a national first-class university construction university.

In 2000, the former Jilin University, Jilin University of Technology, Bethune Medical University, Changchun University of Science and Technology, and Changchun University of Posts and Telecommunications merged to form the new Jilin University. In 2004, the former People's Liberation Army Quartermaster University was transferred and incorporated.

The school has a complete range of disciplines, with 50 colleges covering 12 colleges including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art; there are 139 undergraduate majors Of which, there are 48 authorized doctoral degree programs for first-level disciplines, 2 authorized doctoral degree programs for interdisciplinary disciplines, 61 authorized master's degree programs for first-level disciplines, 44 postdoctoral research stations, and 4 national key disciplines for first-level disciplines (covering 17 Second-level disciplines), second-level disciplines are 15 national key disciplines, and 4 national key (cultivation) disciplines. The ESI rankings of 14 disciplines (fields) entered the top 1% of the world, and 2 of them ranked in the top 1 ‰ of the world.

The school has a strong faculty with 6,603 teachers, including 2233 professors. There are 11 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 53 dual-employed academicians, 7 senior professors of philosophy and social sciences, 15 members of the Disciplinary Evaluation Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, 39 candidates for the "Ten Thousand People Program", and 7 national teaching teachers. 5 chief experts of the Central Marxist theoretical research and construction project, 6 chief scientists of the national "973" plan (including major scientific research projects), 15 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions from the country, and the national "Billion Talent Project" "32 experts were selected, 68 were selected by the Ministry of Education" Changjiang Scholar Award Scheme ", 37 were awarded by the National Outstanding Youth Fund, 37 were awarded by the National Outstanding Youth Fund, and 90 were selected by the" Changbaishan Scholar "in Jilin Province.

The school has five national key laboratories, one national engineering laboratory, six national and local joint engineering laboratories, one national engineering technology research center, six key humanities and social science research bases of the Ministry of Education, and key laboratories of the Ministry of Education. 12 (including 2 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education to be built), 5 Engineering Research Centers of the Ministry of Education, 2 Cooperative Innovation Centers jointly established by the Ministry of Education, 1 Ministry of Education field scientific observation research station, and other industry ministries 21 laboratories. The school has undertaken a large number of national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects and produced a number of high-tech achievements with good industrialization prospects and high technological content.

The school has established a complete bachelor-master-doctoral high-level talent training system. There are 73942 full-time students in the school, including 8420 doctoral students, 20164 masters, 41988 undergraduates, 832 junior college students, 132 preparatory students, and 2406 international students.

The school focuses on cooperation with prestigious schools and gradually improves the global network layout. At present, it has established cooperative relations with 299 universities and research institutions in 40 countries and regions. Among them, 45 of the top 100 in the world and 66 of the top 200. The school has established 39 Chinese-foreign cooperation platforms in cooperation with universities and research institutions in 12 countries.

The school adheres to the guidelines of “planning, standard management, and scientific operation”, and actively deepens the reform of the school-run industry. Adhere to the "separation of schools and enterprises, decentralization and management", and create a management system that uses capital as a bond, is market-oriented, and takes "school-Jida holdings-investment enterprises" as its core. Relying on the advantages of science and technology and talents of schools, with the support of government, enterprises and other funds, the establishment of science and technology innovation enterprises, with the Science and Technology Park Development Center and Jida incubator as a platform to promote the industrialization of school science and technology achievements. Jida Publishing House, Jida roughly far, Jida Communication and other enterprises have a good development momentum. The school science park is the National University Science Park.

The school currently has 7 campuses in 6 campuses. The campus covers an area of ​​more than 6.11 million square meters and the school building covers an area of ​​2.76 million square meters. The school has a Zhuhai campus in Zhuhai, covering an area of ​​more than 3.33 million square meters. The school library has a collection of 7.84 million volumes, which have been identified as the collections of UNESCO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the World Bank. The Northeast China Center of the Chinese Higher Education Document Security System (CALIS), approved by the Ministry of Education, is one of the seven centers in China.

The school adopts the development strategy of "academic academics, strong schools of talents, innovation and revitalization, open living schools, and culturally honorable schools". Its goal is to build a domestic first-class and internationally renowned high-level research university by 2020, which is close to or among the universities. World-class universities. Become an important base for the cultivation of high-quality innovative talents, high-level scientific research and achievement transformation, high-quality social services, high-start international exchanges and cooperation, and advanced cultural leadership in national and regional economic and social development; Universities that make teachers and staff proud, highly praised by society, and widely recognized by the world. By the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the university, Jilin University will be built into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics.

In the process of building a world-class university, Jilin University will strive to make a difference in caring for the country's destiny and serving the country's strategy, so as to satisfy the party and the country; shoulder the social responsibility and meet the society's increasing requirements for high-quality higher education Some progress has been made to satisfy the broad masses of the people; we have made achievements in adhering to the people-oriented principle, realizing the good interests of the majority of the teachers and students of the school, and making the teachers and students satisfied.

The University Combines resources over and above the ordinary to deliver one of the greatest education systems in the world. Get detailed information about their campus, departments, and application time schedules by downloading the brochure. Apply to speak with your personal Program Advisor

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