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Accounting provides relevant information to decision makers, managers, investors, creditors, labor unions, government regulators and others interested in the financial wellbeing and future of an entity of economic activity. Students mainly study the basic theory and methods in accounting and business administration that focus on learning basic theory, basic skills and basic methods in accounting. After graduation, students can deal with the relevant business, such as accounting management, auditing practice and financial management, in enterprises, institutions, governmental sections as well as various CPA business affairs in CPA firm.

Qualified student will be granted Master Degree of Accounting by Hebei University of Technology

Master in Accounting

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  1. Be in good health condition, which accords with the Health Standard for International Students  stipulated by the China Education Department;
  2. Have Bachelor’s degree and good academic record;
  3. Have certain English language ability;
  4. Have good moral character and obey the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and regulations of the university. Respect Chinese social customs and habits.


Hebei University of Technology offers dormitories for international students. Single Rooms and Double Rooms are available. Rooms are well equipped with Air Conditioner, separate toilet, separate bathroom, broadband Internet access, refrigerator, landline and other facilities. Public washing machines are also available.

There are rules and regulations for on-campus accommodation, students shall read carefully after reaching the university.


About the University Summary

Hebei University of Technology (HEBUT) was founded in 1903, and was originally known as Beiyang Technical School. It is one of the earliest institutions of higher education to cultivate industrial and technical personnel and established the earliest school-run factory. It was renamed Hebei University of Technology in 1995. Over the past 115 years, HEBUT has always adhered to the motto “Diligence, Prudence, Devotion and Loyalty” to coach students and conduct research, and has gradually developed a distinctive school-running characteristics in which academic learning and engineering practice are equally stressed. HEBUT has formed diligent, rigorous, realistic and enterprising university spirit and has become a key university as well as one of the national universities under “Project 211”. It is also an important co-construction university under the authority of Hebei Province, Tianjin City and China Ministry of Education. Since 2016, HEBUT has been qualified for entering the first-level universities in Hebei Province for the construction of Double First-rate (world-class university and best discipline).

There are 70 undergraduate majors, 9 centers for post-doctoral studies, 7 doctoral degrees conferring spots of first -level disciplines, 22 province-level representative programs, 6 state-level disciplines with specific characteristics and 20 provincial key disciplines in Hebei University of Technology. At the same time, it has 2 national key disciplines, 4 province-level advantageous disciplines, 20 key disciplinary fields of Hebei province. Three subjects, including material, engineering and chemistry, of our university entered top 1% of ESI, 3 subjects and 4 subjects entered world first class subject construction project and national first class subject construction project in Hebei Provence.

In recent years, the school has imported and trained the full-time candidates who has won the state's Thousands Talents Program, the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Scholars Program, financial support from National Outstanding Youth Fund, the National People Plan technological innovation leading talent 7 people, and the successful introduction of hundreds of high level, more than 290 people, has a national teacher, the new century talents project national candidate, special allowance of the State Council and above provincial and ministerial experts title.

Our university has achieved remarkable teaching researches and 4 second- prize of national-level teaching achievement, 53 provincial-level teaching prize in Hebei Provence, 34 state-level construction projects and 119 provincial construction projects which have acquired “quality engineering” and “undergraduate teaching quality”. There are 46 state key laboratory base co-founded by Hebei province and the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education. We set up the cooperative innovation alliance of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei together with Beijing University of Technology and Tianjin Polytechnic University to promote the coordinated development of the three regions. More than 100 scientific research achievements have been awarded by the state and province. It is the most outstanding university and the ten most excellent invention and creation unit in Hebei province.

The school pays great attention to the development and connotation of international exchange and cooperation to improve the quality and brand building, and constantly improve the international exchange and cooperation mechanism and level. We have formed a new comprehensive pattern which has a multilevel and wide-range of international cooperation. HEBUT has been eligible for recruiting international students of National CSC scholarship since 2012, and has been qualified for university’s autonomous enrollment of international students since 2014 and then has been qualified for International cooperation training project for innovative talents of National CSC scholarship since 2015.

At present, our university is seizing the opportunity and riding on the momentum to deepen the comprehensive reform, strengthen the construction of high-level talents, strive to improve the regional economic and social development serving ability and level, accelerate the pace of building a high-level university, and make greater efforts to build an economically strong and beautiful Hebei by the strong power originated from the construction of Double-First Class and the new platform provided by the co-operation of Hebei Province, Tianjin City and China Ministry of Education.

The predecessor of Hebei University of Technology was Beiyang Technology School, which was founded in 1903. It is the earliest college for cultivating industrial talents in China and the earliest university-run factory in the country. In 1929 it was renamed Hebei Provincial Institute of Technology, and in 1995 it was renamed Hebei University of Technology. For 116 years, the school has always adhered to the spirit of "diligent, prudent and loyal", adhered to the school-running characteristics of "simultaneous work and study," and formed a "diligent, rigorous, realistic, and enterprising" school style . multidisciplinary and coordinated development of the national " 211 project" universities , Hebei Province people's government, Tianjin Municipal people's government and the Ministry of Education, universities, 2016 was selected in Hebei Province, "the national first-class university building" a school level, in 2017 elected to the national "World-class disciplines" will build universities, and the school will focus on building "advanced equipment engineering and technology" discipline groups. In recent years, the three subject areas of materials science, chemistry, and engineering have each entered the top 1% of ESI's global rankings. major

The school has 18 teaching institutions and 73 undergraduate majors, covering engineering, science, economics, management, liberal arts, law, and arts. Has 2 national key disciplines, 4 Hebei Province strong characteristic disciplines, 20 Hebei provincial key disciplines; 3 disciplines selected into the world-class discipline construction project in Hebei Province , 4 disciplines selected into the national first-class discipline construction project in Hebei Province; included in Tianjin City's discipline construction system, 3 first-level disciplines and 5 characteristic disciplines (groups) were selected as Tianjin's "double first-class" construction list, and 7 new Tianjin key disciplines were added; the school ranked 14 disciplines in the fourth national discipline evaluation It is well-known and 7 subjects enter the B level. It has 9 post-doctoral research stations, 10 first-level doctoral degree authorized disciplines, 26 first-level master degree authorized disciplines, 14 professional degree categories (including MBA and EMBA), and 24 engineering master's degree authorized areas. Alignment earliest MBA college education, but also carry unique Hebei Province EMBA higher education , MBA training scale and quality in the advanced ranks of local institutions, was rated first in the country to assess the results of professional degree in B grade, the highest in the country eligible 194 Ge MBA before training units of 25% -35% . Faculty

Hebei University of Technology has vigorously implemented the project of strengthening the school by talents. The mechanism for the introduction and cultivation of high-level talents has been continuously improved. The school currently has more than 2,700 faculty and staff, including nearly 1,600 full-time teachers. In recent years, the school full-time, including the introduction and training of national talent "Yangtze Scholar", "National Outstanding Youth Fund" winner of the national "people plan" leading science and technology innovation and human resources 8 people, 290 more than people with national teacher, " "The New Century Ten Thousand Million Talent Project " is a national-level candidate, a recipient of special allowances from the State Council, and other provincial and ministerial-level experts. Talent training and education

Hebei University of Technology earnestly implements the central position of talent training, leads education and teaching reform with innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, promotes the innovation of talent cultivation model with the application of modern information technology, strives to build an innovative entrepreneurship talent training system for all students, and strives to improve students' service to the country Serving the people's sense of social responsibility, focusing on enhancing students' innovative spirit, entrepreneurial consciousness, practical ability and innovative and entrepreneurial ability, and promoting the all-round development of students.

The school's teaching research has achieved remarkable results. It has won 4 second-level national teaching achievement awards , 53 provincial teaching achievement awards in Hebei , 34 national construction projects of "quality engineering" and "undergraduate teaching projects" , and provincial construction projects. 119 items. The school incorporates innovation and entrepreneurship education into the entire process of talent training, and establishes college students' innovation and entrepreneurship center, innovation and entrepreneurship education college, and experimental training center. "Engineering Workshop" and "Creation E Space" have been selected into nearly 400 national and provincial projects , and the students are innovative The company's ability to practice and practice has continued to improve, and has repeatedly achieved good results in various national competitions. The joint efforts of the school and the Air Force to train national defense students are solid and effective, and 84 graduate national defense students won the Air Force's "Blue Sky Frontier Contribution Award." It has been successively named one of the "National Advanced Collectives of Graduate Employment for General Colleges and Universities" and the " Top 50 Typical Universities for Graduate Employment Experience in 2011-2012 " . The school was rated excellent in both the 2002 and 2008 evaluations of the undergraduate teaching work level of the Ministry of Education, becoming one of the few universities that has received two consecutive outstanding awards under the same evaluation system. Continuously improve the teaching quality of graduate education, 1 postdoctoral was named national outstanding postdoctoral, 3 postdoctoral was named (Tianjin) outstanding postdoctoral Hebei Province; 1 doctoral dissertations nominated by the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation, 29 doctoral dissertations are Selected as an outstanding doctoral dissertation in Hebei Province.
Scientific research and social services

In recent years, the school has continued to deepen the reform of the scientific research management system, innovate the operation mode of scientific research organizations, improve the scientific and technological innovation system, reform scientific research evaluation methods, focus on building high-level teams, focus on improving the overall scale and quality of scientific research, and focus on improving service to the country and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region Ability for economic and social development.

The school has 55 national and provincial-level scientific research platforms, including the State Key Laboratory, the National Engineering Technology Research Center, and the National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory ; it has been established with Beijing University of Technology and Tianjin University of Technology The "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Innovation Alliance" promotes the coordinated development of the three places. The new school legislation issue 500 0 remainder, including " 973 " plan, " 863 " program, the National Technology Support Program, "Thirteen Five" national key R & D projects, the National Natural Science Foundation, National Social Science Fund and other national issues 400 The rest. The school's National 02 Major Project sub-project has achieved the breakthrough of Hebei Province's commitment to the National Major Project, and has become one of the five outstanding teams among the 138 teams that have undertaken the 02 Project nationwide . The school's annual scientific and technological funding is 300 million yuan, and more than 100 scientific research achievements have won national, provincial and ministerial awards. It is the university in Hebei Province that has received the most outstanding provincial science and technology contribution awards.

The school has signed comprehensive cooperation agreements with all districts and cities in Hebei Province, and signed a "Regional - University Collaborative Innovation Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Bohai New District to assist Bohai New District to be selected into the first batch of "National Desalination Industry Development Pilot Parks" in the country. Zhongjie High-tech Zone co-founded the “Hebei Green Chemical Industry Industrial Technology Research Institute”, and jointly established “Research Institute of Circular Economy and New Energy Development in Caofeidian Industrial Zone of Hebei University of Technology” with Tangshan City; and Xiqing District, Jixian, Dongli District, Beichen District, High-tech Zone, Beijing-Tianjin Science and Technology Valley of Wuqing District signed strategic cooperation agreements and scientific and technological strategic cooperation agreements, etc., successfully held the industry-university-research cooperation negotiation meeting with Binhai New Area; signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin Metallurgical Group and Jointly build post-doctoral workstations; sign a strategic cooperation agreement with the National Supercomputing Center Tianjin Center and establish a national supercomputing center Tianjin Center Hebei University of Technology branch center; sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement with PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Company; and Sinopec, Northern General Dynamics, Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. More than a hundred large-scale enterprise groups have established stable cooperative relations, and more than 1,500 scientific and technological achievements have been applied or industrialized in hundreds of enterprises and institutions across the country, creating economic benefits exceeding 10 billion yuan. The National University Science and Technology Park has been jointly identified by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education as "the nation's first batch of university student science and technology entrepreneurship internship bases" and the "Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Apprenticeship Bases" identified by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League in Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, Cangzhou, Handan, Baoding, and Science and technology parks have been built or are under construction in Tianjin and other places, forming a distinctive feature of "one park with multiple zones".
International exchanges and cooperation

The school attaches importance to the connotative development, quality improvement and brand building of international exchanges and cooperation, constantly improves the working mechanism of international exchanges and cooperation, strengthens the efforts of teachers in international exchanges and intellectual introductions, and continuously improves the scale and level of international exchanges and cooperation, forming a comprehensive New level of international cooperation in running schools at different levels and in a wide range. At present, the school has signed cooperation agreements with more than 60 foreign universities, and the cooperative training covers all levels from undergraduate to doctoral level. The degree education cooperation project has been extended to the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden and other countries. School in 2012 won the CSC to recruit qualified Government Scholarship students, 2014 of autonomy granted universities to recruit foreign students qualification, 2015 in China Scholarship Council approved the " innovative partnerships training of international talent project " . The school currently has 980 students in Sino-foreign cooperative education programs and 427 international students , including 352 students with academic qualifications.

The school carried out in-depth international exchanges and cooperation, signed a cooperation agreement with the Austrian Virtual Reality Visual Computing Research Center and jointly established the Virtual Reality Visual Computing Research Institute, which was awarded the title of "Bear and Road Sustainable Urban Service Network" by the United Nations; join American power Electronics Research Alliance Ohio State University and the establishment of Sino-US joint High Performance power Electronics Research Center; and the United States is the German technology company jointly set up a "Hebei University of technology - the United States is the German technology RF technology joint Research Center"; and foreign Experts Bureau of Hebei Province The Tangshan National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee and the Singapore - China Science and Technology Promotion Association signed an agreement to jointly build the "Nanyang Hebei Science and Technology Research Center".
At present, the joint construction of the provincial and municipal departments has set up a new development platform for the school, and the "double first-class" construction has allowed the school's development to enter a "new era" and embark on a new journey. The school is seizing opportunities and taking advantage of the current situation. It is giving full play to the good tradition of sincere solidarity, hard work, pioneering and innovative, and striving for first-class excellence. In the spirit of staying on the clock, we will continue to deepen the comprehensive reform of the school and strengthen the building of high-level talent Focus on improving the ability and level of serving regional economic and social development, work together with one heart and one mind, work together, and work hard to write a new chapter of high-quality development in the new era of the school and make new contributions to the construction of regional economic construction Greater contribution.

The University Combines resources over and above the ordinary to deliver one of the greatest education systems in the world. Get detailed information about their campus, departments, and application time schedules by downloading the brochure. Apply to speak with your personal Program Advisor

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