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Also, note that the Chinese Local Government Scholarship is also known as Municipal Scholarship in China. Most International Students wish to get a full scholarship in order to ease their stay abroad and China has made this possible with several opportunities. Aside from the CSC Scholarship from the China Scholarship Council, there another option of a Chinese local Government Scholarship. This is provided by municipal and provincial authorities. This is available in all universities and administered by relevant authorities. It covers tuition, living expenses and insurance for the entire duration of the study. International Students studying in China on this scholarship will need to fund their own accommodation which is usually just about $300 per month.

There is an optimal way to combine these scholarships in order to increase your chance of getting at least one of them. Our Admission team will guide you to the best practices. The application process of the Chinese Local Government Scholarship is similar to the CSC Scholarships. The same documents are required as well as a review process.

Eligibility For Chinese Local Government Scholarship

There are qualifications that international students must meet to secure a scholarship for their study in China. Applicants should pay very close attention to deadlines and documents required and make sure they are properly submitted. China Scholar has a team of advisors who review applicants’ materials before submission. There are notification and email systems that help applicants as well

  • Must be wihin the age limits for program cartegory
  • Submit applications on time
  • Should have secured an admission with a Chinese University that’s under the CSC Scholarship scheme
  • Applicants must be fit an healthy to study in China

Documents Required - Local Government Scholarship

There are specific documents that are required for the Chinese Local Government Scholarship applications. Some overlaps with the university applications and applicants are required to submit copies to that effect.

  • 2 Recommendation letters
  • Complete Physical Examination form certified by a recognized hospital
  • Study Plan for your Degree in China or Personal Statement
  • Complete CSC Scholarship form online and print out
  • Attested Certificates

Scholarship to Application Process

Scholarship & Funding Evaluation

Our clients are taken through a very through checklist to identify the best Scholarship they qualify for. In some instances, we help apply multiple scholarships for your study in China. With very simple information, we are able to score your success rates and design the right strategies to secure the best scholarship

Submit Online Application.

The next step will be to assist you prepare all the application materials, review them and make necessary corrections. We then help applicants create an account and make a compeling case why they need the scholaship. There simple standards applications must meet and we also submit the hard copies of the documents

Scholarship Decisions

After the submision, we wait for the decisions from the scholarship authorities and also liase with the host university to ensure no information slips through the cracks. There should be followups and also answering questions that the scholarship council may have. Without delay, offer letters will be posted.

Gov't Scholarship Benefits

The Chinese Local Government Scholarship also is known as Municipal Scholarship, varies from one university to another, but the average benefits are seen below. Always note this scholarship does not cover accommodation and rental expenses

  • Undergrad Program Local Government Scholarship: CNY 2000 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition,
  • Master Program Students Local Government Scholarship: CNY 3000 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition,
  • Doctoral Program StudentsLocal Government Scholarship: CNY 3500 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition,
  • Dates:12/8/2019
  • Deadlines: 31/03/2020

Age Requirements for Application

There are specific age limits to qualifications per Chinese Local Government Scholarship Qualification standards.

  • There is an age limit for different programs – Bachelor Degree Scholarships limits the age of the applicant to 25 Years, while Master degree is 35 Years, Docorate or PhD is 40 years

Featured Scholarship Tip (Best Practice)

In order to enhance your chances of securing a scholarship to study in China, start the process earlier at least a year ahead. Research and ask enough questions. Attestation, translation and other requirements demand time. Applicants who can finish their entire process before the end of Each year January stand a better chance – Plan ahead, speak with our staff now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Chinese Universities that Provide Local Government Scholarships

Here is a list Chinese universities offering Chinese Local Government Scholarship (Municipal Scholarship) for Foreign Students who want to study in China. Click on the search at the end of the list to see more Universities and filter for Courses and Cities.

China University admission

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