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A prefecture-level city located in the central Zhejiang province in China. Jinhua shares borders with Hangzhou and other critical Chinese towns. As familiar with most cities of China, Jinhua is rich in cultural heritage and history, which is the reason why there are several state-managed control programs to protect these cultural sites. There are many scenic spots, natural reserves, beautiful mountains, traversing rivers, and elongated caves!

Economically Jinhua, as a city, has always flourished as the regional industrial hub for the processing of agricultural and forestry products, especially rice and bamboo products. Consistently, Jinhua has positioned itself as the second most important agricultural producing zone in the Zhejiang province. Since Jinhua got promoted to City status, Jinhua’s industrial sector has developed at an unprecedented pace. It has also improved and doubled on producing machinery, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, building supplies, and electrical and electronic equipment. Critical industries of the city include clothing and textile, mechanics and electronics, pharmacy and chemicals, manufacturing crafts, metalwork processing architecture and building materials, automobile-and-motorcycle accessories, food processing, plastic ware, etc.

The thriving industries are indicators of what majors international students should select in this city. Study in Jinhua with some of the best Chinese universities providing English taught Degrees. There are several Scholarship opportunities for international students who wish to study here.

Why Study in Jinhua

Universities in Jinhua offer exceptionally diverse programs in various sectors. Enhance the prospects of your career, connect, and make new friends. So, studying in Jinhua does not only offer quality and affordable education but also an opportunity to immerse into Chinese culture

  • Affordable Education programs for international students considering to study in Jinhua
  • Access to opportunities for International students
  • Great Opportunities for Career Development and Professional Growth
  • Many International university students are studying here. Whether you are going for a full degree program, studying Chinese for a short term or even a Semester / Year Abroad, Jinhua will welcome you home.

Best Universities in Jinhua

You cannot miss the best campuses, inspiring architecture, massive student support programs, and opportunity to be part of a great international student community.

Zhejiang Normal University

Zhejiang Normal University

Jinhua, Zhejiang, China

Best Programs Available in Jinhua

There is no any Program added in this city!

Finding Job in Jinhua After Study

Studying in Jinhua is a great opportunity to network with top brands who are looking to hire graduates. There are several opportunities and support from International Student offices in most universities to connect you to HR Managers who are hiring

There is plenty of career fairs and ob boards that display vacancies. We have seen many international students who studied in China and are hired to work here. There are communities that prepare you for job applications. China Scholar will assist you transition from school to the corporate world with our Internships, Career Guidance Services, and job boards

Application Process to Study in Jinhua

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