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Hainan Province comprises a group of islands with Haikou as its provincial capital. Since it was designated a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Hainan became an attractive and hot spot for investment targeted at developing large tourist infrastructure. Beautiful scenery, clean beaches, and a lovely tropical temperature. Hainan is one of the most beautiful cities in China

As of the end of 2012, Hainan has a total of 18 Universities/Colleges. Recently, the provincial government authorities are aggressively designing a strategy of boosting the development of technologies and Education to attract more talents. The priority into the next decade is quality education though equipping Universities and research centers.

To make Hainan a desired destination for international students, the government introduce several scholarship options. The intent is to reduce the cost burden of studying in Hainan. The government of Hainan is bent on promoting cultural exchange and upgrading the internationalization of universities in Haian. To qualify for this scholarship, applicants should be an International student with admission who have decided to study in Hainan. Beneficiaries are exempted from paying the tuition fee.

Why Study in Hainan

Study in Hainan and secure a new home. The City is one of the most beautiful Chinese Cities with booming tourism and technology sector. The Local government took a strategic policy to expand on the quality of Hainan’s Education system into the next decade

  • Affordable tuition with Scholarships from the government of Hainan
  • Access to an international hub relevant with many expats and International Community
  • Great Opportunities for Career Development and Professional Growth
  • A large presence of international students

Best Universities in Hainan

You cannot miss the best campuses, inspiring architecture, massive student support programs, and opportunity to be part of a great international student community.

Hainan University

Hainan University

Hainan, Hainan, China

Best Programs Available in Hainan

There is no any Program added in this city!

Best Courses in Hainan

Finding Job in Hainan After Study

Studying in Hainan is a great opportunity to network with top brands who are looking to hire graduates from Hainan Universities. Take advantage of the available opportunities and support for International Students and connect with companies that are hiring.

Always be ready to attend career fairs and check job boards that display internship and fulltime vacancies. There is a good probability you can find employment after graduation. Some communities prepare you for job applications. China Scholar will assist your transition from school to the corporate world with our Internships, Career Guidance Services, and job boards

Application Process to Study in Hainan

So you have seen why Hainan is one of the best cities to study in China and probably wondering how the entire process works. China Scholar has in place a properly streamlined placement process to help you study in China with ease. Check our processes below or fill the inquiry form to speak with our Team. You fill a single application form and is recognized by all universities and you can apply to any universities without restriction. Over 3000 students secure admissions in China through the China Scholar Platform. We have simplified the process and increased support and value delivered to applicants.

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