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Choosing Accommodation

In order to make the right decision when it comes to selecting the right accommodation options, there are few factors to consider. Will you like to live on campus or off-campus?  Shared bathroom or en suite? your budget? We have put together a simple checklist to help you make correct decision.

  • Room type
  • On Campus or Off-campus
  • Costs
  • Catering options
  • Contract length

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We have a number of different room type options available to suit your needs and budget. For individual students we offer standard rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities, rooms with private bathrooms and self-contained studio flats. For couples and families we have a range of one and two bedroom flats.

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#2 Campus or Off-Campus

Students are allowed to select the type of experience they want to have. There are two major experiences for international students who want to study in China, either stay on campus or rent an apartment off campus. You will need to consider a number of factors when deciding.

City and University Facilities – If you are a student, the city could be one of the reasons to decide where to live. Most Chinese universities in the urban areas have solid facilities to western standards. If your university does not have the standard facilities students are allowed to secure permission from their International students’ office to stay off campus

Status – The status and travelling partners will determine if you should stay off or on campus. If you are coming to China with a family, it is likely the university will not allow you to live on campus with dependents. So in this case you have no other option

Expectation – Life on campus comes with regulations, complete asses to all campus facilities but limits what you can do. The reverse is true for living off campus

Program- Usually PhD programs have more privacy compared with others


Studying in China, we have a variety of halls choices to suit every budget. The most affordable campus room type is the double occupancy with the twin bedroom. This is two students living in the same bedroom and also comes with shared facilities. Here is also the option to stay alone with a private bathroom but share kitchen. These affordable options are all self-catered

For couples and families they can go for the studio, or private apartments off-campus. The total cost of the contract will depend on the contract length


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Looking for catering options while studying in China? There are two catering options available.


This is the situation in most universities in China – You dont get breakfast and a main meal later in the day, on weekdays only (Monday – Friday).  There are kitchens facilities provided and students can cook their own dishes. There are canteens on campus where students can eat diverse Chinese dishes


Some  private accommodations have catered facilties – where students get meals provided on agreed terms. The cost of meals are included in the rental charges.


Chinese University offers a single contract period to cater for the majority of courses studied by students. Semester contracts are most commonly suitable for all students.

Occasionally, undergraduate students find that their courses can run beyond 1 July. In cases like this, There is nothing you need to do, the university will automatically extend your stay to cover the extended period.

Contract lengths

Semester, Summer or Year contracts are most suitable for all programs, whereas postgraduates usually prefer full study contracts. If you choose a shorter contract and find you need to stay in Halls over the summer, you can apply for this summer accommodation from Spring onwards. All our contracts include accommodation over the Christmas vacation period. Not every contract length is offered in every hall.


The decision to select an accommodation and room will vary depending on the students’ financial situation duration of stay, marital status, and accompanying dependants as well as programs. We provide wide consultation for students who need assistance in making this decision.

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