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Each City is a unique destination for studying in China. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province in South of China located close to Shenzhen and a ferry ride away from Hong Kong. As a commercial city, Guangzhou, serves as an important national transportation hub and trading port. Located just south of the Tropic of Cancer, Guangzhou has a humid subtropical climate influenced by the East Asian monsoon. Summers are wet with high temperatures, high humidity and a high heat index. Winters are mild and comparatively dry. Guangzhou is one of mainland China’s Leading commercial and manufacturing regions, its education level is very high, many international students apply for university which located in Guangzhou.

In order to further develop the education of international students and attract more outstanding international students to study in Guangzhou, The Ciy Municipal Education Commission has founded the “Government Scholarship for International Students”. This is similar to other cities in China select to boost the attractiveness of Chinese Education. It is established to fund excellent international students to pursue bachelor’s degree or above at higher educational institutions (hereinafter referred to as HEIs) in Guangzhou.

Why Study in Guangzhou

The courses here are exceptionally diverse and can increase your prospects for a good career, and bring you closer to the rest of China and the world. So, studying in Guangzhou does not only give you a better understanding of China but also access to the booming sectors

  • Affordable tuition with Scholarships with the topUniversities
  • Access to an international hub relevant to modern-day International Trade and Commerce
  • Great Opportunities for Career Development and Professional Growth
  • Diversity is one of the main Characteristics of Guangzhou filled people from all parts of the world tied to Business and Commerce
  • Well networked transport options to other parts of China

Best Universities in Guangzhou

You cannot miss the best campuses, inspiring architecture, massive student support programs, and opportunity to be part of a great international student community.

University of Hong Kong (HKU)

University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Hong Kong, Hong kong, China - Special Admin Area

Best Programs Available in Guangzhou

There is no any Program added in this city!

Best Courses in Guangzhou

Finding Job in Guangzhou After Study

Studying in Beijing is a great opportunity to network with top brands who are looking to hire graduates from Beijing Universities. There are several opportunities and support from International Student offices in most universities to connect you to HR Managers who are hiring

There is plenty of career fairs and ob boards that display vacancies. We have seen many international students who studied in China and are hired to work here. There are communities that prepare you for job applications. China Scholar will assist you transition from school to the corporate world with our Internships, Career Guidance Services, and job boards

Application Process to Study in Guangzhou

So you have seen why Guagzhou is one of the best cities to study in China and probably wondering how the entire process works. China Scholar has in place a properly streamlined placement process to help you study in China with ease. Check our processes below or fill the inquiry form to speak with our Team. You fill a single application form and is recognized by all universities and you can apply to any universities without restriction. Over 3000 students secure admissions in China through the China Scholar Platform. We have simplified the process and increased support and value delivered to applicants.

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